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[MRP] Recruiting Incentive Suggestion

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Recruiters get compensated for every rank their recruit earns. This is to encourage more interaction between trainers and newer players with the main goal being to hook newer players to the server. Once the recruit reaches these ranks listed below, the recruiter of said new player will be rewarded. This is a new money making method, and should be looked at as both a passive income as well as an active grind players can do to earn money. It will directly encourage recruiters to engage with the people they train, as they will invest stake into them and look to keep them around the server.


US Wage Rates

CPL > $2000

Trained for DS > $500 Bonus
SGT > $500
SSG > $500
SFC > $500
MSG > $500
SGM > $500


18B CPL > $10,000 Bonus!
75R TRN > $20,000 Bonus!
1stFODD JOPT > $50,000 Bonus!

11B WO1 > $25,000 Bonus!

AFG Wage Rates

CPL > $2000
Trained for RAC > $500 Bonus
SGT > $500
SSGT > $500
SFC > $500
MSGT > $500
SGM > $500


055th CPL > $10,000 Bonus!

TSFU TRN > $20,000 Bonus!
ISI CDT > $50,000 Bonus!


Tali BMI > $25,000 Bonus!

IF CAUGHT ABUSING THIS SYSTEM (E.G Making ALT accounts, handpicking recruits you have trained, mass promoting recruits you have trained, falsifying names on recruit submission) A WARN FOR FAILRP WILL BE GIVEN AS WELL YOUR MONEY

Hello guys this is reynolds please let me know youre guys thoughts and opinons on this suggestion feedback is greatly appeciated 

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Ngl I would like to see what money can be used and spent on before we start messing with wage rates once everything’s laid out on the table I’ll +1 or -1


Also afg isn’t gonna be in the server and I think there’s gonna b more than one base faction so idk how that gonna affect this or if itd just be replaced with corresponding ranks for RU

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Ranks will be working a little bit differently so likely this wouldn't work, but Battalion Command certainly can roll out incentives to train if needed/wanted. Good concept to of course keep trainers invested.

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In part to what Conway said above,


I will take training based incentives into considerations, not sure if I’ll be doing them upon release though, more likely something that would be done down the line.


However I may look into doing Weekly/Monthly Training Challenges to incentivize it early on.


~ 2GRD XO RealRichard



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