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My Staff Aplication v3!

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Posted (edited)

In game name: egbert

Discord name: Egbert

Age: 14

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:581033949

Active warns: 1

Time zone: EST

Play time: 184 hours

access to discord: yes

do I have a mic: yes but prefer not to use it as I am a squeaker

Am I a member of the discord: yes

Do I have the abillity to record my Gmod: yes

Past experience: none


What administrator recomended me to apply: AFoxWithATopHat, and BobTheBuilder


Why you should you choose me over other applicant's: I belive you should choose me over other applicant's because I'm on 24/7 and I will always follow the rules I will take as many sits as possible for me and I will never abuse the powers. I love to participate in may activities so I am very fun to hang around with and be with and will always help out when needed. I will always do what I am told and will never refuse a higher ups orders and will understand everything you will tell me and I will do it the first time and do it right, Im always active and always wanting to help to!

               I would be of great help of the team because I am very great at talking towards other and making them feel comfortable and welcomed, I will always help out as much as possible for other staff members I can be on for at least 10 hours a day im very easy to reason with and I am a great problem solver I think I mostly know how to do most commands so I can help everyone and I can take more sits to give other staff members a break, I am also very mature for being the age of 14 I love giving helpful tips or reminding people the rules and I will always try to be fair to others!



This is my first applicant because I never knew you could apply under the age of 15 and have always wanted to help out the community as I like to roleplay and help others out!


Have I ever been banned or punished: yes I have been jailed for RDM when I was protecting my friend and didn't know I needed to be a body guard.


have I ever made previous applicants: No I haven't as I said this is my first one as I didn't know I could apply while being under the age of 15!


how much time do I have to contribute: probably around maybe 2-3 hours  and maybe more!


Do I have any hobbies and if so what are you involved in out of Gmod: I play basket ball and I like to go swimming!


Have you read the staff rules: egbert garnet


And I have gotten approval for my age by: Merk!


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Editing from your responses thanks!
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Hey egbert, I don't have much experience with you but it's a -1 for me for the following reasons:

  • Minimum of two paragraphs and you only have one. (Include skills you possess that would help our team)
  • Didn't read the staff rules.
  • Active warn.

 You don't have much playtime but you have the minimum so I'm neutral on that. When they ask how much time you have to contribute they mean hours a day/week. Your Steam ID should be STEAM_0:1:581033949.

Fix some of these things and I'm sure you'll be accepted next time if not this time.



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Although i know you and you seem like a nice guy.
I have asked you nicely when you came to me for advice to read the rules and staff application format really carefully.
You have done some of it but not all of it.
- Staff Rules 
+/- Playtime
- More paragraphs needed. 
For now I am going to give you a
-1  leaning towards NEUTRAL.
Once you have updated and fixed your application I will definitely recheck and change my decision.
Good luck and wish you all the best.


Senior Mod Dark RP

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I would definitely start off with reading the staff rules again, secondly you should extend your paragraphs more, one would not be the most suitable to your app, and thirdly maybe wait until your warn is cleared from your account that way it makes it easier for you to apply

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I would like to know a bit more about you since I haven't been around recently. What kind of characteristics do you bring that would be beneficial to the team?, I would like you to tell us about yourself and what interests you or motivates you to want to do this (Please don't take that as negative feedback). You meet all of the requirements with the exception of the age being 1 year lower than we accept, but as long as the higher-ups approve, I approve as well. As for the warn, I would say it's an easy fix, please make sure to thoroughly read all the rules to avoid getting into those scenarios. I see from past replies that initially you did not read the Staff Rules but it seems you have fixed it and I won't fault you for it. I am leaning towards neutral. As long as everyone else is good with it, let's give him a shot to prove himself.

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Posted (edited)

Confirming referral, I have seen you on this server quite a bit. From what I’ve seen you haven’t gotten in much trouble lately, but a few things I noticed.

- for one, your age. I know I am younger than you, but if you did get approval from merk I would put that.

- and another thing is a few things in your paragraphs were repeated.

- I would also recommend waiting until your warn has cleared.



As of now I’m going to lean towards a neutral. But this may change! 

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I missed a line
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Posted (edited)

I don't think I've ever interacted with you in game so I can't really judge your behavior. 

Your application at first did have many issues however you took the time to read your feedback and correct them. That to me shows that you're serious about getting staff and that you want to learn and improve.

I do have a slight concern with your age but if you got approval from management to bypass the age requirement I'm ok with it. Also you got some good referrals, I'm hoping AFoxWithATopHat & Bob can confirm them.

Right now I'm gonna support you with a +1. I may change my vote depending on any future feedback. Good Luck!

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  • DarkRP Administration Team



Thank you for your application. After deliberation with the Human Resources Team, we have decided to tentatively accept your application and advance you on to the interview stage. Please ensure you have joined the GarnetGaming DarkRP Discord. A link to the Discord can be found at the top of the page on the Navigation Bar.


Once in the Discord, please message anyone with the "HR Division" role, or any member of the Administration Team, with a few dates and times to coordinate your interview. Thank you again for the time and effort you put into your application. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


Responses will still be accepted at this time. Thank you for your patience!

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