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MunchieZ Really (not) Cool Introduction!

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I decided it'd be cool to make one of these so here I am!
My name is MunchieZ, you may recognize me from the darkrp server or you may not (Look for the guy with the job "Femboy"). I only recently starting playing garnet and decided to make it my main server since it just seemed chill. I used to really be into dark/starwars rp and that's where I spent most of my hours. Though my laptop ended up breaking so I took a long break and never got back into the game until recently.
I don't know what else to put so here's some simple Q/A questions! (feel free to ask questions as well but these will be simple ones!)

Q: Why's your name MunchieZ?
A: To sum it up semi quick, Munchie was a nickname I had when I was a child, it then was dropped for many years until I became teenager. friends started to call me Munchie because of certain reasons. After that it just stuck again and never went away. When I came back to pc games I made my steam nickname Munchie then put a Z at the end because it looked cool (or something like that) that's what it is today.

Q: What do you do in your freetime?  Hobbies?
A:  As you could probably guess I spend my time playing video games, sometimes I'll go out and play basketball, hangout with friends but that's normal. Though I do enjoy writing. I may not be amazing at it and I definitely could use major improvement but its fun to just write about just random stuff. I really wanna improve my vocabulary and writing skills so yea.

Q: What games do you play most?
A: They change a lot. Currently the games would Garry's Mod (Crazy I know), Apex Legends (Console), Valorant, and Team Fortress 2. I'm sure it'll change again soon.

I can't think of basic questions so feel free to ask! Have a great rest of your day person reading this!


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