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  1. This is part 1 of a 3 portion update, the next portion will include whitelisting capabilities and new weaponry to be assigned to some factions Spawn Protection New clauses have been added! Entering vehicles - will remove your spawn protection ALT + E sitting - will remove your protection Leaving your base - will begin an 8 second timer to remove your protection Classes Taliban Army Taliban Army : LMG Playermodel has been changed Inter-Services Intelligence & Badri 313 Swapped positions, making it so Badri is the rentable donator faction, while ISI is the highest tier of the Afghan side. Notable changes: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) were given their old playermodels from 2018 (suit models) Badri were given Pirate playermodels Loadouts have been entirely revamped - and are to further be revised shortly Elites Afghan Elite : Anarchist Granted additional model to choose from Command Categories Afghanistan : Command Category implemented, as an umbrella category for all commanding classes. Every battalion had been given an officer class to accommodate this change United States : Command Category implemented, as an umbrella category for all commanding classes. Every battalion had been given an officer class to accommodate this change
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  2. Excuse me while I laugh at this. It's been reported numerous times, and the best advice I have gotten? "Don't talk on the mic". Yeah, "gather proof". Again, been there, done that. Maybe your TTT manager/admins aren't letting you know what's going on...ever think of that? As of yesterday, Garnet Gaming & Gmod in general are gone from my library - tired of it. IT'S DAILY.
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  3. It’s not my department so I wouldn’t know if you have, but have you escalated your concerns to Proggy and/or Garnet? If there are people in positions of power and trust dismissing genuine claims of harassment then that’s an issue that would be dealt with swiftly.
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  4. People harassing you or anyone for that matter would fall under the communities punishment for harassment. Being targeted for a physical or mental characteristic certainly is not okay and behavior we wish to keep off our servers. If you’re a recipient of such harassment, please gather proof and report it to the appropriate management. If you’re under the impression that we can gather the proof, whether it be logs or what have you, let us know and we will do our due diligence.
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  5. You can find the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2948313266
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  7. thinking about how there is a big magnet above earth and if you get the covid vaccine you become magnetic and that is the rapture when the vaccine attracts you to the big magnet
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  8. Attention all members of our gaming community, We regret to inform you that we have recently been made aware that one of our players had been reported to allegedly have a history of child sex crimes and is a convicted sex felon. As a result, after many discussions amongst the management team, we have made the difficult decision to ban this player from our community. We want to make it clear that we do not condone any form of sexual misconduct or illegal behavior, especially when it involves minors. The safety of our community members, especially our younger members, is our top priority. As such, we determined the best course of action would be that user's removal from our online services. PLEASE NOTE: We urge all members to be cautious when creating contact with this individual. @Proggy has been made aware this alleged predator is creating contact with members of our community, claiming to be opening his own community now, which raised an enormous red flag on our radar. Moving forward, I urge all members to be cautious of others on the internet exhibiting concerning behavior, and PLEASE report any suspected behavior to us immediately. We are committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all of our players. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation
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  9. Voice over is a mix between Don and Jake.
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  11. Dear Members of the Garnet Gaming community, We understand that recently, our gaming servers have experienced some challenges due to host-related issues caused by DDoS attacks and general changes by said host without our consent. This has led to many crashes and unsatisfactory performance, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused. On the contrary, we are happy to announce that we have acted proactively upon this situation and decided to switch to a new provider that is dedicated to providing a secure and stable gaming environment for you all. This change will greatly improve the overall quality of our servers and eliminate the issues that we have been facing for these past 3-4 days. Furthermore, we should also see some better server performance as all our machines are being upgraded to more recent hardware that can withhold higher populations. Myself and @Proggy have spent an obscene amount of hours (working until 5:30AM in instances like today) to ensure this change goes smoothly. As of right now, the scheduling of our migration to the new hosting service is looking like so: Rust > 2nd week of February 2023 Garry's Mod > 2nd week of February 2023 OR SOONER SQL databases > 3rd week of February 2023 OR SOONER Web Hosting > 4th week of February 2023 OR SOONER We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition, and please make sure to stay tuned to any IP changes coming up this following week! Best regards, Garnet!
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  12. Ya boy fractured his arm now and got his license suspended woooo!
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