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  1. I feel like I’m an old man now
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  6. Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment. These rules apply to all forum sections unless stated otherwise Official Forum Rules The language spoken within the forums is strictly English (foreign languages can only be used in PMs) All content posted must be PG, gore and pornographic material is strictly forbidden Members of the community must respect one another at all times, even at times with conflicting interests. Do not share links associated with other gaming communities (safe links are associated with Steam). Hostile behavior is strictly forbidden Do not use misleading titles (titles that would provoke attention to your thread) outside of Shitpost Central The trade of personal information is strictly forbidden outside of PMs (social media/phone numbers) Use your common sense when appropriating your posts/responses. Do not harass other users of the community, or otherwise post content that would induce drama. Post content in the correct thread - content posted in incorrect sections consistently may lead to punishment Messages shorter than 20 characters may or may not be considered 'Spam' Commenting on threads that were last active more than 1 week ago is considered 'Necroposting' Do not spam (spamming is the repeat of an action that would distrupt one's experience on our forums (IE: Forum PMs/ Replies/Reactions) Forum reactions must be used in a constructive manner, IE: agreeing with a suggestion. Do not impersonate other users or create multiple aliases (1 account per IP) Do not post repeatedly for the sole purpose of bumping up your post count (if over 50% of your contributions are found on The Playground, your post count will be halved) Reputation Farming, or trading reputation with another member of the community may result in the resetting of both your post count and reputation. Do not Backseat Moderate (IE: quoting somebody to let them know they had broken a rule/will be banned) simply use the report feature. Do not loophole the rules or otherwise find gaps in the rules as to justify inappropriate behavior Suggestions, Applications, Appeals and Reports Rules When responding to a report/appeal thread you must be directly involved to the situation, or have relevant information that could sway the final decision All responses must be detailed and atleast 1 paragraph in length, with high quality English You may not argue another user's response/rating, however, you may post constructive criticism in your post to the opposing views as to convey them to edit their own post. Lying or fabricating information will result in a permanent ban. IE: use of photoshop for screenshots, or fake logs. Ideally introduce your response with a +1 or -1, otherwise, simply state the piece of information you feel may be helpful to the appeal.
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