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  1. Well I can’t say I played every zombies map but that’s not really bad. I-think I will add some ghost exctintion map cuz technically that gamemode is similar to zombies but different. good point of contact Alright Awakening AverageMayday and Exodus Awful nightfall
  2. Well shoot I missed out on that day when you were playing left 4 dead 2 with Dan an camp.enjoy whatever your doing in the future man.
  3. Gremlins is sorta the Christmas movie it kinda similar to when I first saw the Flood in Halo.
  4. +1 matte grey Fedora yea I wouldn’t mind
  5. I feel like I’m an old man now

    1. ajbedhead


      My day 1, happy bday.

    2. Gruels



  6. Care free care mule crap care.

    weight training tougher then I thought 😤👨🏽‍🦽🏋🏾‍♂️

  7. Gruels


    -1 I like the way the map is already is. In my opinion idont think a map change is necessary with the size of it also being big.
  8. Damn man as the people say nobody can replace you Proggy. Good luck man I wish you good luck
  9. -1 could make your own weapons smith gun conveyor belt with the fading door tool
  10. Neutral I agree with Christian and also what if your selling your printers but like your staying on the server so the buyer doesn’t claim them it would kinda get annoying having a icon showing on your screen but then it’s kinda useful like what if they moved bases or moved it somewhere.
  11. Enjoying bit of siege on the console my team mates are random an they sound like they enjoy how I play (not really.I wasn’t any good)

  12. -1 it serves no purpose than just to change the UI of the inventory with no benefit
  13. -1 why do we need this if there’s no purpose.
  14. -1 I don’t think we need something like Minecraft on here well it may also look like a afk point to grind same like the old times on dark rp when the old servers use to have a fishing job.
  15. Neutral i like the idea but in that aspect people can calculate around 2 hours in a time period idunno there’s still some option to know when claimed printers expire like you can use the clock app on the phone or even on the pc set 1 hour and 48 mins.I am also thinking it may get abused such as the system gets used in a way people claim it after the local warning message pops up will it just reset the timer back to 120 mins?
  16. I don’t even know if I am the only disabled player only in garnet is anyone else play here have disability? 

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    2. Gruels


      We’ll that’s less then I-thought I thought there were more people that were disabled.

    3. acer


      im not disabled fuck off @Ozzy

    4. Horseyyy


      Yeah it’s called addiction 

  17. Flip me man I can’t play anything having an issue with my ram guess it’s Halo CE eating my ram like the bacteria eating both of my kidneys.

    1. ShankNinja


      use task manager to identify which processes are using the most memory maybe

  18. Kidneys feel weird again and my left ribs feel greater pain having a curve spine is feel like crap and carrying a pile of metal waste 

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    2. Horseyyy


      Alcohol, Alcohol will be swift in fixing your kidneys 

    3. Proggy


      sorry to hear all that man. hope you feel better soon. 😞

    4. Gruels


      Doctors prescribed me with painkillers  and antibiotics whatever they call it but that make it hasn’t had any help. 

  19. -1 for me 500k is alot to ask for the lower half of the level players that play on the server would be able to afford the lotto but be broke or have less then an estimate of 50k that’s what ithink 500k would only attracted a smaller group of people who have money exceeding 10mill. It could be profitable but I don’t see the fun of it. So I suppose somewhere between 200-345k I don’t mind.
  20. -1 players could find exploits with this tool and I agree with tizz there.
  21. Well have you tried even checking your inventory? Usually shows up.
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