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Status Updates posted by Hoal

  1. :l

    1. ajbedhead


      Big Day!!

    2. StraightWhiteChristianMale
    3. IAreGunner


      cuz getting old isnt fun

  2. Your social credits has been decreased

  3. N8Xdb3T.png

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    2. AlexConway
    3. special


      @AlexConwaycan we like uh um uh um hang out in the naval command center 👉👈

    4. Hoal


      @specialOnly if you come back to swrp

  4. new GM application post looks cool

  5. Hoal

    Join the Pink name

    1. Korn


      not till you join the blue name.

  6. To adian swrp is fun ngl, will u come back

    1. Hoal


      *yo adian 

  7. you removed my cat emoji from staff discord 😞

  8. 0.0 my staff app saying I was tried, not now

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    2. Hoal


      You locked and unlocked my post, nvm, i guess you accidentally clicked

    3. Nutter


      Oh, sorry, I was testing stuff for @Proggy lol

    4. Hoal


      alr i see, btw did you checked my reply of cc? Just to make sure

  9. college gang?

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      College ganngggggg


      Up at 2:30 writing an essay due tomorrow at 8, it's not that bad though! It's about a documentary on body language, and I actually REALLY enjoyed it. 

      "The Secrets of Body Language" I highly recommend it.

    2. Hoal
  10. when will I back to gg drp staff team? maybe the day when garnet deal with my custom class request lel

  11. blue name

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    2. Hoal


      @Shin_Tsukimi aren't you resigned? blue name shin 0.0

    3. Shin_Tsukimi


      @Hoal I came back for now

    4. ajbedhead


      Love to see it 🥇

  12. Hoal

    Gimme candy

  13. This smity sus

  14. you haven't even say goodbye to me and left me in silence

    I made it, my trainer, Im admin now and Im going manager for you.
    Promise me u'll be back when I hit manager

    1. LoxsChromebook


      i miss you wolley come back we need this you were the only one who told me other wise i need more advice in this world :classic_sad:

  15. Tali recruiter, train me!

    1. ajbedhead


      Train me to pls

  16. is @Romac622 coming back? let's gooooooo

    1. Romac622


      maybe, you'll just have to catch me online 

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