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  1. @ChrisRidprove to me you aren't a npc

  2. who deals with reports on forum posts? i'm thinking about being funny

  3. cool change, more accessibility for donation support and genuine forum questions is always nice
  4. we gave it our all. 🫡

  5. any nfl fans in chat?

  6. currently smoking that USMP pack 😹👎

  7. Dembe, I’m giving you benefit of the doubt here and giving you a shot at staff. Your attitude in-game is giving you bad reputation towards the staff team, smarten up in-game and you’d be a perfect fit for us. Your ideas and suggestions is what stands out to me the most, you’re a perfect candidate for the intel team. TL;DR: Smarten up your act in-game and you’ll be a perfect staff member. +1, confirming referral.
  8. +1, don't think I've spoken with you but you're active.
  9. Back on EchoV2, there was the upbringing of Military Police. They were brought into the server to bring more roleplay scenarios and to AOS anyone that is breaking the “law” within their respective bases. The suggestion was made back on January 10th, 2022 by a person named “Wyatt” who wanted more roleplay to be brought into the server. This suggestion and faction sparked considerable controversy and occurred during a time the player base was notably reliable. Now these factions can be seen as taking new players' interest away from the server and helping power-seeking tendencies from players. Since the incorporation of Military Police, there has been a great and noticeable decline in the player population, our average count has dwindled. While Military Police had great activity and presence on the server during their first stages, it has greatly fallen due to decrease in participation. Both ANP and USMP have failed to maintain activity and fail to engage with roleplay. An issue can also arise when players are detained and put in cells that do not violate server regulations. It should be emphasized that every player should read and abide by the server rules, the expectation to abide by also the MP laws is farfetched and unfair towards the new player population. (Post was already accepted in the discord, @Draco_asked me to post on forums!)
  10. +1, spoken with you before, seem cool.
  11. +1, for obvious reasons.
  12. You have great referrals and I commend you for that, but I have 0 idea who you are. Maybe try to get your name out there more with the US side, staff members should see both sides of the server. -1
  13. hope to see u later prog, its been real
  14. Want to propose a new PTE rule: Recently, PTE has been under utilized and most people that ask for it get left with no answer. I want to make PTE like war lead rules, any enlisted can accept a PTE but ANYONE that is higher rank than the enlisted that accepted the PTE can overrule the PTE and void it. This makes it so that officers can still pick and choose who they let in, but enlisted are able to control the gates when no active officers are online/available.
  15. It's the same thing I said last time, your past reputation on this server isn't fit for any staff member. You have 23 warns and 5 bans, one of the bans you're just coming off of. I'd give it some time, try to fix your character as much as possible within the server, and we'll see from there. -1, I wish you the best of luck with this and future applications!
  16. Woogle, we have guidelines for each staff/gamemaster application. Please read over the "Gamemaster Prerequisites" and "Guidelines to Follow" inside the Gamemaster Application Format. The link to this information will be linked below this message. Wish you the best of luck for future applications and hope you enjoy your time on this server!
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