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  1. omg dr.dre in da water tbh he kinda vibing doe
  2. bring me back to Afghan alluah ackbar boom boom days where the battlefield is a chaotic TDM warzone. That was fun.... but after the years things got more boring and stale and wars was justa bunch of wannabe sweaty tryhards and they forgot this is a GMOD RP server. If you look at CS_Desert (No im not saying bring it back) but every part of that map had a purpose and was used either in training or war. That map was perfect for a TDM War server. Now no offense we have large pretty maps but its usually just people running to a location and dying then coming back. Its a good server for RP aspect. Again thats not something this community is good at because staff dont know how to enforce rules when they ban people for a week because they bought doors. Garnets maps have to affect what the server is and is it a TDM server or is it a RP server? MRP is basically the exact to same sides fighting eachother and literally there is no point playing it all. THere is no progression or unique things when every side is exactly the same because if theyre not someone goes wah wah. I tried to get into it again with a IRL friend a month ago and once he got trained hes like ok now what and we sat in base. DarkRP was alright but again its pretty vanilla but theres not much to do other than printer farm. Starwars is equally as boring as MRP but more cringe because people try to take the fun out of gaming. Did a "passiveRP" event where we got dinner and people were meming ordering pizzas and a officer went "ThEy DoNt HaVe PiZzA iN sTaRwArS!!!" And we got stuck ordering bread then the staff pulled everyone in a DB and explained how we need to be more realistic. Yeah if youre trying to set a RP server up like Starwars you shouldnt tell people how to RP, dont tell people how they should play the game. If anything Garnet you should take a good look at the staff team on all servers and really ask how is upper management benefiting the server in a positive way.
  3. Ive really been enjoying Rust lately its a breath of fresh air compared to the repetitive nature of DarkRP. Just not really having fun on GMOD anymore. If youre looking to play Garnets 5x server though hmu
  4. Cameron

    Undercover PD

    You obviously havent used the add-on Lets start at the first statement, "Nobody that bases even lets anyone in their base." I hope you know there are other things you can RP other than civs and thieves and that is Drug Dealers and Gun dealers. Say you go undercover and set up a gun store or drug store you go back to PD and boom set up a bust. Next, "There will be constant sits about police arresting undercovers" If you actually played servers with undercover jobs you would know that as an undercover you're not allowed to break the law so im not sure where you're going with this statement. Also "No one is going to let level 30's into their base" Again there would be than one job to RP as undercover as long as you follow the undercover rules. I also play a PoliceRP server off and on with this add-on and its very useful to FBI to be able to undercover ans set up stings. Again our DarkRP isnt as serious as a PoliceRP server so if anything it would be easier to set up. VIP+ and a level cap with the job so when people play it they have no excuse to not know about the rules. Every job on DarkRP leads to "Confusion, rule breaks and minges." Which I mean you cant use "Theres minges" As an excuse because thats why servers have staff to help make sure everyone is having a good time on the server. Again this follow proves you dont know what youre talking about. The add-on is exactly what youre describing. How it works is a NPC gets placed down, you press "e" and it well allow you to select multiple Jobs to go undercover as. Next "You can go and try to get into someones base and take a screenshot of the printers and give it to the police and they can raid." You contradicted yourself with your older statements because you just said "No one lets anyone in" This is the problem police need a 1st party SS or proof of illegal items to raid and currently its impossible for police to do with how bases are set up currently. They are locked up like prisons. With the final statement "Save $5 " This is literally Garnets Add-on im not sure if you know who Bizzy is (The developer of the add-on) because he's Garnets old Dev from like 2-3+ years ago.
  5. Also free "Im a Garnet Gamer" tee with every Titan purchase! Everyone at your school will know how cool you are with this tee! Btw I like the creativity of the logos they look really dope
  6. Cameron

    Undercover PD

    Added a system that Garnet could get from the GMOD store
  7. Cameron

    Undercover PD

    Description: [description of what you are suggesting, one paragraph minimum] As of recent PD being able to raid people is almost impossible. Killboxes are extremely over powered and to even be able to raid someone a PD need SS of printers which can be hard to do when majority of people have their bases locked down like a prison. With this suggestion a player (Recommend VIP) can go undercover has many other jobs (Citizen, Gun Dealer, VIP Thief, or regular Thief). As the player goes undercover he can gather extra info. For example he switches to undercover sets his player model to thief, convinces a player to let him and now he has all the info possible to report back to the mayor or PD that the person has illegal money printers. Now theres two ways this can be implemented. The Hard Way - When switching to undercover you can use some type of !command to bring a UI up that changes the player model or Garnet sets undercover PD as a base model like Citizen and undercovers have to RP as a citizen Reasoning: [how would this benefit our server?] More content, buffing PD because as of now theres no other reason to be PD unless a mayor has a guns out is AOS law or a lockdown Additional Information: [Photos/Videos][/CODE] I think for player models Though I would Choose either citizen Or I would Go with a Half Lifer Combine Model Credit: @br0ken since I ripped the same link he suggested https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/v2-fresh-undercover-system-give-your-players-a-reason-to-rp-as-police
  8. +1 Very respectful in ooc and never had a problem with you. Also a very active member
  9. Description: [description of what you are suggesting, one paragraph minimum] So in ooc people were getting into altercations because one person decided to put props down that looked like printers and put printers near them to mimic a printer sound and mimic the look of a printer. Some people were arguing that "Its just a vital prop for their base and its not against the rules." My suggestion is that yes you allowed to do that but cops shouldn't be warned for false warrant when in fact the people in this base are just trying to bait cops to get warned. Reasoning: [how would this benefit our server?] Less unnecessary warns for PD who think that its a printer Additional Information: [Photos/Videos][/CODE]
  10. Ive also been apart of the DarkRP off and on for 3 years and I agree and yes the game play of the server is pretty simplistic with just basing and raiding. Again the DarkRP server is pretty vanilla in a sense with the jobs on the server being heavily based around those two aspects, basing and raiding. With this suggestion Buddha im guessing you want players to suggest how to add more RP aspects into a server where printer farming is a boring norm? Well, 1 im not sure if NPC controlled events like SWRP would do much benefit in the server performance wise due to the nature of DarkRP being performance enduring with people spawning props and entities. What I do suggest be implemented is Garnets old automated event system (Im not sure what happened to it.) Where players have the option to participate and every X minutes an automated event happens where people have a free for all battle Ideas for automated events - RPG - One Deag - Crowbars - D-lores - Nerve Gas - Fists These would be free for all battles where the final victor would take a cash prize. Things to consider with this though is when being spawned into the event everyone should be stripped of perks and health all forced to 100HP because the perk machine would create an unfair advantage. Groups like Hydra I find to be alright but people in these groups tend to recruit players with OP set ups (VIP, DB, Nerve Gas, RPG's) and people tend to get an ego because they can just bombard lower level people just starting DarkRP. Although I dont mind the RP aspects of organized crime families I think we should focus on balancing raiding and basing. People shouldn't be allowed to RPG spam a base while there friends take no damage due to friendly fire being on in parties cracking keypads and the person getting raided cant get close to there defenses because of the splash damage. Mayor's should have more RP added into them also. Mayors should be able to control a Tax that can be set from 1%-100% from peoples automated payroll. Also when a mayor is on if people want to have a gun out legally they should have a gun license they can purchase from the mayor. +1 but I wouldn't do every 15 minutes because the server would be in a perpetual state of chaos 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours would be more ideal. Also for logs they wont be so flooded if every 15 minutes there was 100+ kills being stacked due to everyone spawning in one place and people having donator weapons. Since I can only quote 3 people at once Ill address Optic As for an EMP im for the idea of it being a donator or a /unbox but printers would have to buffed significantly which could be tricky. Anyone could throw the EMP and virtually enter anyones base untouched. So if we could figure out a way to balance EMP which is open for discussion. Next suggestion I have which has been accepted is Hostage/Kidnappers People can RP kidnapping and do a variety of things. People can raid the bank with a hostage and PD have to figure out how to negotiate with the raiders and save the hostage and make sure they dont raid the bank. People can force a negotiate a ransom price with the mayor. With crime families like Hydra being on the server people can kidnap family members bring them back to their base and have Hydra either raid you and get their member back or negotiate a ransom price with their kidnappers. If anyone else has any ideas im more than willing to discuss them with this next meeting coming up Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk
  11. Proggy plays the same time and the last week Proggy been on the XP grind for Prestige 3 so wym managers dont play bruh Also like TJ said either post in shitpost or just dont post at all lol
  12. -1 Only comes on DarkRP to minge, have had multiple sits where you were warned for some cringe joke. Has been staff multiple times to only come back and minge Plus everything stated above I hope this application is a joke
  13. +1 did the droid event fairly easily with only 4 players online I could only imagine what the events would be like with 60+ players
  14. Hm? Im still very active within the community via DarkRP and playing SWRP. Ive told Malmood right now im focusing on my finals for college which just ended yesterday. Im in the same boat as Prison Nightmare, right now my schedule cant help with serious long term role play responsibility so I wouldn't leave my reserves in 2GA if I couldn't fulfill the role. Im not going to cry and throw a baby tantrum to get a O-1 reserve on the docs or I would of already commented on this thread, because realistically you are right and I dont think ill ever be active again on MRP to ever hop off reserves for a entry faction, but I agree with Prison Nightmare that you shouldn't group every one who disagreed with the statement of all reserves getting wiped are either abusing reserves to not help one specific faction (Ive only been officer in 055 and 2GA). My disagreement with the new ruling is the same as Prison Nightmare is people spend a lot of time working up in a faction and now they have to start back at ground zero. My only suggestion would be to cap reserves either to be WO or high enlisted but you have to reach a certain rank cap like O-3 to be placed on reserves and if someone wanted to be taken off reserves they would have to do a TS meeting with a Manager+ and the leader of the faction on why they should be taken off reserves. Also if upper staff are concerned with people hopping factions with reserves why not make it like SWRP and have it if you leave a faction to join another faction you get removed from the prior faction and start fresh with the new faction.
  15. +1 you shouldnt warn people if he was misunderstood about a ruling, If the player did diss in a sit you should have proof backing it but still the false report rule is there for people who make fake meme reports not if someone thought another broke the rules and was misunderstood
  16. +1 If you fixed it shouldnt of been an issue
  17. Um im going to be devils advocate here and +1 Even though im not active in MRP anymore Ive known xploding since he first joined the server x amount ago so I know what hes like and yes what he did was immature but tbh hes just a dumb little kid (no offense) im not sure how xploding's thought process is when he decides to pull stupid stunts like this but im not comfortable just handing him a perma ban for a terrible joke. My suggestion would be a blacklist from SSO and a 1 week NITRP to give him some time to chill out
  18. -1 Most people give pretty good feedback on applications, also everything that Buddha stated also
  19. +1 past gg experience and a good application, also is responsible in game
  20. ez +1 was surprised that /comms wasnt already implemented when I joined
  21. +1 give the CTs something other than a pistol
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