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DarkRP Update [03/29/2022]

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4 hours ago, Danny_The_Dog said:

Couple questions/concerns 

-What if you claim a printer but the owner of a printer is on after the 2 hours? Does it still explode?

-Something I mentioned on @bizzylogin post about the printers is what if you sell them to someone, and they claim them right before the agreed amount of time is up? (Fix: is it possible that the owner of the printer can set a customized mount of time on a printer? So when they sell it to i someone it takes the owner and buyer to both approve time?) 

-What if someone who isn’t that low lvl but still kinda new uses the og printers because the new ones are worth it anymore and gets them stolen (I realize after writing this that if they use the claimable printers they are accepting consequences if they are stolen)

-Is two hours too long on claimable printers? I feel like if they are stolen (and probably upgraded already) two hours is too long because the person who steals it profits from having without having to upgrade it

Overall i love the changes though and i’m glad we are putting this amount of effort into darkrp 

1) Yes

2) Dont sell to ppl with a shitty reputation 😛


4) idk thats up to nutter


Right now printers are still disappearing after disconnect but itll be fixed after next restart

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