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StarwarsRP Update [04/27/2022]

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Class Changes

21st Nova Corps

21st Nova Corps Officer classes were given an incidenary grenade and EL-16

21st Nova Corps : Tactician slot limit was upped to 4


327th Star Corps

327th's medical duty model has been updated


104th Battalion

104th Dire Company : Overwatch was given a level 2 (Yellow) keycard


41st Elite Corps

AT-RT has been added to the requisitions NPC, Ranger Platoon Leader and Officers are able to request for its spawn



Jedi Council

Fixed Sentinel's lightsaber

Corrected Temple Guard's light saber - no longer a dual hilt, and instead has the twin hilt. I do not carry brain cells with me at all times sorry @special


Attempted to fix Ahsoka's lightsaber (did not work, test server time 😞 )

Added back Kendosu form - thank you @Ozzy for saving the day last moment

All Lore Jedis can now spawn the Azure Angel and ETA-5


All Lore Jedis can now accept requisition requests





Fixed XP gaining

Normal functions of gathering XP through dueling and killing NPCs have been returned



New Skill-tree UI implemented in order to hopefully combat the slight off-set of the 3d menu

Intro - Tutorial Screen






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