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StarwarsRP Update [07/28/2022]

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  • The Garnut


Craftable Hilts

The long wait is over (kind of)


I have created the base for crafting hilts, and as such, I've added the 9 most generic hilts you can craft in order to be tested over the next 24-48 hours. Once this test is completed and everything is working properly, it'll only take me an additional couple hours to introduce 20 new hilts, and likely a week to complete adding our list of ~200 different tiered hilts, starting from Basic (dirt cheap), going to Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary! (3 months of grinding the server)




Prone Mod

This feature has been added onto the server - by default binded to key P

Before MRP players have an aneurysm, please bare in mind Prone Mod will be working under the WiltOS animation base which MRP does not have.


Fully expecting the prone mod to work flawlessly here





Handcuffing System

Changed over to a new base to experiment- this one offers far more features for me to tweak around with until we have an awesome system.

In the works:



allows a wanted player to raise their arms (with a 5 second cooldown) allowing CGs to detain them.

Primarily to be used during events


Cuffed players can be

A) searched for illegal contraband (strictly weapons, not drugs)

B) Dragged by CG and Navy





Typing Indicator

A visual indicator has been added for all players using chatbox, seeing as the animation for the eargrab was removed





Weapon Base

Scrapped and replaced our existing weapon base with a much older version for better client-sided and server-sided performance

The version we had been using for months is really directed at the single-player crowd, offering a ton of features that multiplayer servers cannot handle too well.

We are now using a version dedicated to multiplayer environments, and should see a huge performance boost for both the client and the server.


On the down side:

Removed Dual Wield portion of the weapon base until I am ready to fix the base code. No clue how difficult this will be, so on the back-burner for now

Removed melee weapaons off of TFA base as they were not used and were an unnecessary 100MB download

The list of removed melee weapons includes the following: Ancien Vibrosword, Bo Staff, BX Blade, Corvax Blade, ElectroDagger, ElectroHammer, ElectroStaff, Riot Baton

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  • MilitaryRP Super-Admin
7 minutes ago, Nutter said:

Before MRP players have an aneurysm, please bare in mind Prone Mod will be working under the WiltOS animation base which MRP does not have.

Already explained this to a few people 😂

Stoked to see the crafting system for Jedis taking off as well as some great performance fixes. 

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