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Vinnny05 application

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In-game name Vinnny05


Discord username Vinnny05


Age 19


SteamID STEAM_0:0:549093202


Active Warns:None 


Timezone:eastern standard 


Current Playtime:117:19:56


Do you have access to Discord and a microphone?: YES

Are you a member of the Garnet Gaming DarkRP Discord?: YES


Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos? YES


Referrals What administrator recommended you to apply?=SRS polka,STS errol,Gaming carrot,merk,foxinatophat


Past experiences as staff:none on gmod


Why should we choose you over other applicants?: why should you choose me over other applicants? well for starters I have a pretty flexible schedule that and I can be very patient and open-minded when it comes to things and when incidents happen I usually either let it go or if I made the mistake own up to it and just be honest about it what I was also going to say is I like to learn things and if it's not too complicated I tend to learn pretty fast. And I'm a really good multitasker meaning that being able to manage multiple reports without it being too much of a problem as long as I get the ropes I also wanted to say if I could learn how I would also like to host a whole bunch of the events like Russian Roulette and if you guys gave Me a chance I can show you that I'm determined to learn and help out. I also wanted to say I have helped out with Discord servers and even game servers in a game called rec room and that I also wanna lessen the workload for the other mods or admins I also wanted to say I use medal and have Discord so I can get and send clips. One thing I'm also good with is being patient and open minded if I make a mistake I'm willing to fix and admit I'm wrong and to strive to fix things and be better I also really enjoy chatting with people and I would be on a lot also wanna help cause I hate it when people grief the server at night either to mingin doing RDM or its just wanna prop spam and lock everyone in spawn would be nice to have someone on at night and I'm a night owl so I could help with that. Plus I haven't had any serious offenses other than being like caged a few times and those few times were me admitting for my mistakes in the server also then when I first started cuz I didn't understand how to play but now I understand a lot more and I think it would be really nice to just be able to help and also be able to make a lot more friends on this server and overall it would also be crazy to be able to learn behind the scenes and how the whole server even works in the first place I also don't mind helping out with other things like where you guys could need the most help cuz I'm cuz I'm just a really bored person. I always have my phone at hand as well so if you contact me most of the time I will respond really quickly and efficiently so that a and that's a few of the many reasons why I think I would be a ok applicant.


Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details:I have been caged thats about it I try to follow the rules to a tee and if I don't im usually honest about it cause it's a accident.


Have you made any previous applications, If so when?:No


How much time do you have to contribute to the role?:I don't have a job yet so a really good amount of time 


If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Garry's Mod?:Gaming,Music,drawing at times,biking,trying new things,walking,watching video's,chatting


Did you read the staff rules?=Garnet


except accidently when I left the bracket don't know why I forgot my bad

😅 also appreciate you all helping Me out and didn't read well but I reread and got it.

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Made mistakes
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1 hour ago, sunnymuffins said:

I've never met you but you only have one paragraph and you didn't read the staff rules.


If it's possible I would like to be able to edit it again and redo the paragraph entirely also I've read through the rules many times and even read the format page and the other pages the moderation page I realized my brackets shouldn't have been there And I will get rid of those also I have read the guide line server rules promotion section and even staff rules and even discord 

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1 hour ago, AFoxWithADice said:

Good referrals, Good hours, No active warns. Pretty decent application. However, you need to space out your paragraphs or add on to them. And you did not read the staff rules. As of now I am going to leave a -1 this may change in the future.

I Appreciate your criticism when I get the chance I will fix things up 

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  • Vinnny05 changed the title to Vinnny05 application
1 hour ago, AFoxWithADice said:

Good referrals, Good hours, No active warns. Pretty decent application. However, you need to space out your paragraphs or add on to them. And you did not read the staff rules. As of now I am going to leave a -1 this may change in the future.

I fixed up on the things you asked me to. 

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+ Friendly guy I've interacted with
- One Paragraph 
- Didn't read the rules

You getting closer but cmon man, I believe you to have potential and I think your a cool guy. That being said, even after everyones said reread the rules your still missing something! I can be swayed easily. Touch up your paragraph and make a second, and re read those rules! Do that and you'll get my support!

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  • DarkRP Administration Team



+Referrals IF confirmed


-Didn't read the rules


The two things stated above will make me give a -1. I know we are stingy about the paragraphs but its just to show effort and being able to follow rules. You also missed something in the rules matter of fact that lets me know you didn't read them.

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  • DarkRP Administration Team



Despite you “supposedly” reading the staff rules, you still haven’t read them. Your paragraphs are unstructured and can’t tell if there’s two or one. I’ve also not seen you in-game yet so i can’t make a judgement on how you interact with others and during sits. Good Luck!!!

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