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  1. -1 somehow more braindead than i am
  2. Denied Consensual MassRDM is still MassRDM. Your ban will remain as it is. @Fonza Lock and move NOW!!!
  3. Description: Currently, MP has been broken for some time now, and has been unusable. What needs to be fixed: 1. All players have been given whitelists 2. Spawns have not been assigned 3. Teams have not been assigned (Radio) Change suggestions: 1. MP Soldier -> Unlimited Player Slots 2. MP Officer -> 3 Player Slots 3. 5% Speed Increase Reasoning: MP has been sitting idle for roughly a month now, and it's potential has been wasted. If accepted, this small update should not be too hard of a task to put in.
  4. I was literally just bout to suggest this 0_o Super excited to see some crafting items in the works !
  5. Krim

    Knapps Ban Appeal

    Accepted The initial ban was meant as a precaution. Welcome back.@Theos Lock and Move Sir
  6. Was planning on making a second post for this but i'll just keep it here Description : Every 10 minutes during peacetime, a supply drop will be dropped somewhere around the map (excluding bases). To secure the items inside the supply drop, you must be within a small radius around the drop, and continue to stay inside for 30 seconds. Upon securing the supply drop, you will be given a confirmed uncommon tool and/or various other drops. 30 minutes before peacetime, there will be a rare supply drop that requires you to stay within the radius for a full minute. The drops are a confirmed rare tool and/or various other drops. W.I.P: Pity System (Not sure if this can actually be coded in or not) Upon completing 10 successful uncommon supply drops, your next secured uncommon supply drop will give you a confirmed rare tool. (This is mostly just more added to the idea you put at the end)
  7. Description: Red Bull / Bandages obtainable through the crafting system. Red Bull will provide a small speed boost (5-15% depending on rarity, will discuss later in thread). Bandages will provide a similar health boost (10-15% again depending on rarity. The materials for Red Bull can be obtained by farming scrap @ shipment, a new "ore" in the tunnels, and water in the rivers. The materials for bandages can be obtained by farming trees. Rarity: When crafting something you have a chance to get 3 different rarities, Common, Uncommon & Rare. Taking Red Bull as an example, the speed would increase by 5%, 10%, & 15% respectively. Certain tools would be required for certain actions (e.g. pickaxe for ore, axe for trees) and a rarity system would be able to be used on them as well. A common pickaxe could take 20 seconds to destroy an ore, while a rare pickaxe could take 10 seconds. Reasoning: This would be a secondary mode of progression, not everyone has fun just by going through the ranks and trying to join a "tier 1" faction. Getting speed boosts / healing would be another incentive for the newer players, as they would want more advantages to be able to kill more experienced players in war. The introduction of rarities will also pave a path for future ideas that could potentially be a lot of fun, and help out the server population. Code: N/A
  8. +1 Known the guy for some time now and I can say that he really does have all the qualities he claims to have. He has a strong head and is definitely capable of succeeding as a staff member. You should add me to referrals, NOW!
  9. The map rn is really fine as it is, the size + openness is something that people just have to get used to. Only thing that I can really think of that could be improved is slightly increasing the width of tunnels for future quads/any other vehicles
  10. Absolute W update I've loved everything I saw today, and the teasers got me even more excited for what's coming next
  11. Fucking weirdo for what you're doing

    1. Shibe
    2. Fetn


      dudes going on the rip gamma post an "haha" reacting all the replys etc. 

      You're a fucking weirdo. 

    3. IAreGunner


      who is he anyway?

  12. Am i tripping or did u alr get accepted
  13. FPS looking sweet, and the hitreg feels a lot nicer But MP has still not been fixed
  14. i love u bro

    1. Shibe


      I love him too

    2. Apollo
  15. Krim

    Theos' Dismissal

    Everything you've mentioned has already been brought up, and we as a team are already looking ahead to fix issues that you claim to exist. You should also probably ask your "solution" if he thinks the report is a good idea at all, and trust me, it's not. But hey, good shitpost tho
  16. Description: [description of what you are suggesting, one paragraph minimum] With the help of others, we are resuggesting a previously accepted change to MRP classes. All leaders have been invited to provide input on the suggestion, and were all notified of the idea in advance. Currently all special forces factions have access to 4 classes (not including Tier classes). We're suggesting adding two additional classes to each faction. Each class has been specially curated by leaders with the idea that the classes should center themselves around the faction’s roleplay and combat specializations. In order to provide further alternatives to donators for players who decide to join SOC regiments, roles which would still fulfill the original idea of the factions have been created. We have also suggested changes to the factions which you can all see yourself with the link below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sybn2thLVCGRyxHJYTBW3lJenB65MXxeFWzoOZCW3rk/edit#gid=0 The following classes would be added: Faction Class Name Equipment Model String Class Limit Delta Force US Delta Force : Infiltrator garnet_p99, lockpick, (Access to Disguiser NPC) models/df/df4.mdl 2 US Delta Force : Specialist garnet_honeybadger, garnet_p99, weapon_sh_flashbang models/df/df1.mdl ∞ Green Beret US Green Beret : Demolition garnet_m3super90, garnet_m92fs models/player/PMC_4/PMC__04.mdl ∞ US Green Beret : LMG garnet_m249, garnet_m92fs models/player/PMC_5/PMC__13.mdl ∞ Rangers US Ranger : Engineer cw_tr09_lr300, garnet_m1911, m9k_proxy_mine models/rangers/rangers1.mdl 2 US Ranger : Marksman cw_m14, garnet_m1911 models/rangers/rangers1.mdl ∞ Badri 313 Badri 313 : Stalker garnet_tokarev, lockpick, (Access to Disguiser NPC) models/fokingpakis/soldier1camo_pm.mdl 2 Badri 313 : Raider garnet_vssvintorez, garnet_tokarev, m9k_sticky_grenade models/fokingpakis/soldier1modern_pm.mdl ∞ Red Unit Red Unit : Combatant garnet_g3a3, garnet_gsh18 models/pm/moviesf/operator3c.mdl ∞ Red Unit : Militant garnet_m620, garnet_gsh18 models/pm/moviesf/operator3.mdl ∞ 55th Brigade 055 Brigade : Zealot garnet_pkm, garnet_makarovpm, garnet_fraggrenade models/player/recon_1player.mdl 3 055 Brigade : Scout khr_m1carbine, garnet_makarovpm models/iraqiarmy/soldier1_od.mdl ∞ Reasoning: [how would this benefit our server?] This would benefit the server as it would allow the server to have more progression within factions typically you tryout (most times not even tryout anymore) for two additional classes ( either medic and sniper or breacher ), with this faction members will have access to two additional classes. This would also give players more choices for weapons and utility without having the need to spend the money and donate for additional weapons. Not only would the addition of the two classes allow for alternative weapon choices to players without donator weapons, but it would also allow for increased roleplay capabilities. Additional Information: [Photos/Videos][/CODE] PLEASE SEE ATTACHED GOOGLE DOC SHOWING ALL ADDITIONAL CLASSES PLEASE NOTE ALL WEAPONS ARE SUBJECTIVE TO CHANGE https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sybn2thLVCGRyxHJYTBW3lJenB65MXxeFWzoOZCW3rk/edit#gid=0
  17. I was thinking about a shop for items that we use the in-game money for. The shop could have materials or just full weapons / armor. (money will prob have to get wiped tho) Also Garnet Gacha
  18. +1 Drake has the dedication to learn and to grow better, he has the potential to be an excellent staff member who treats members of the server kindly while also correctly enforcing the rules. This also says a lot ^^^^^^^
  19. LETS FKN GOOOOOOOO. It's finally here bois
  20. Conquest is such a W Any info on the release date for mp?
  21. Krim


    afaik hitmarkers don't really work too well on the server. even some cheats don't have hitmarkers on because they just do not work on gmod
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