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  1. you did NOT just say "flippin".....
  2. Personally, seeing a return of the MP-153 with slugs would be literally so orgasm inducing no cap
  3. Noooo, the machete toss game is no more :,(
  4. I swear if chararikar comes back I’ll cum
  5. something new. my thought is that it would inspire the current RU leadership to actually RP and not sit up on rocks and worry about getting 360 no scopes ez clap wins
  6. Very pog. may come back to the server. maybe. perhaps.
  7. @Acer @hysteria If you are going to disagree react to my app then please elaborate with a reply and tell me why the disagree. I wanna learn how to get better.
  8. A sweet treat originating in italy
  9. Your In-Game Name: Server Not Up (OOC is Weeb) Age: 16 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:432311404 Warns: Server not up Timezone: EST Playtime: Server not up Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: [YES/NO] Current Ranks: Server Not Up Position you are applying for: 104th CDR Wolffe Referrals: N/A Past Experience: [Optional] I was a T. Admin for MRP as well as 2GA Marshal as well as GB MAJ and MARSOC MSgt Why should we choose you over other applicants? [minimum 2 paragraphs] I left the community a while back to get a refresher and to catch up with life. I am eager to come back to a fresh community and be fired up for leadership and true rp. I have heard amazing things about the SWRP community and I am 100% all for making this place better for everyone by becoming a dedicated and admirable leader for not just the the 104th, but the server as a whole. I also have experience in MRP leadership as well as staffing. I know a thing or two because i've seen a thing or two. I would love to extend my experience by being a reliable leader for a passionate RP community like the SWRP server. I understand I have no SWRP experience but I am completely willing to learn the ropes and excel to become a great and reliable leader. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, include details: A few warns on MRP for RDM. All were in good manner but I just got ahead of myself and broke the rules to prove a point. How would you use the role you are applying for?: I will work towards becoming a leader that everyone looks up to and use my position to inspire those under me to have the raw willower and dedication to become more involved in the 104th as well as the community. How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: Usually around 3-4+ hours per day. Depends on how long I am scheduled to work that week. If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Garry’s Mod?: I am a player for a D&D game on Tuesdays and I am gone from 5-10:30 as well on thursday 6/7-9/10. I also have a weekly thing to do on Wednesdays 6-8:30 Did you read the application rules?: Weeb (Server not up so I just put my ooc name)
  10. I wouldn’t say PKM but rather the MP-153 making a return with an option for slug rounds (I know I’m not active rn but I’m just thinking out loud here lol)
  11. Oh man. This is really sucky. People think so naïve and that nothing like this would happen to someone they know but it does. It just did. My heart goes out to his fam. Truly Rest In Peace my man. You were a goat.
  12. Weeb_

    Banned for MRDM?

    Accepted After reviewing the appeal, I have come to the conclusion that this is a non-malicious mass. Though it was with good intentions, it is still mass and mass is against server rules. Your ban will be reduced to 2 days. Keep in mind to let officers or knowledgable enlisted deal with recruit issues. Don’t just kill them. -on mobile so no garnet logo- @Jake @Ozzy Do da mess
  13. +1 | Good guy and is genuinely wanting to help the server by becoming staff.
  14. Weeb_

    Player Report

    Accepted It’s been dealt with. Thank you for submitting this. @Jake@Ozzy Locky & cocky plz
  15. Weeb_

    Ban Appeal

    Accepted After reading this over, I see it fit to accept and lower the ban to an non malicious mass ( 2 Days ). Next time just don’t kill him in self defense but report him in game and if nobody that can take the sit is in game, report him on forums. @Ozzy @Zachman please lock and move to accepted. Thanks.
  16. Weeb_

    Zqrxz Warn Appeal

    Denied I understand that it can be hard to resist b-hopping but it is against the rules. There is very concrete evidence to you b-hopping. I understand your worry about this looking bad on your record. As Ozzy said, ONE warn for a small thing as this does not impact too much. Be careful and try your best not to b-hop from now on. @Ozzy @Jake Lock and move to denied please. Thanks.
  17. Denied As the folks have said, conventual RDM is STILL RDM. All forms of RDM are against the rules and there are no exceptions. @Jake @Ozzy Please lock and move to denied. Thanks.
  18. Weeb_

    ban appeal

    Denied You have been told twice to change your appeal to the correct format and we have given you sufficient time to do so. Next time for anyone who sees this, please format your appeal correctly. Here is a link with the format if you did not see it before making the appeal: @Ozzy @Jake Please lock and move to denied. Thank You.
  19. Weeb_

    ban appeal

    Yeah first off, change your appeal to the correct format. Second, even if someone shoots you, you cannot shoot back in peacetime. It’s still RDM. RevengeRDM to be exact.
  20. Great job. Proud of the team! Exept camo. he ddos the server
  21. -1 | This is NOT 2 paragraphs. They are basic and lack detail. Not having bias comes automatically and should not need to be stated. I recommend rewriting this.

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