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  1. finally the title I earned. never mind i am a member ....
  2. OMG we share the same birthday! What a terrific supprise! 

    1. hysteria


      dude. hell yeah

  3. This needs to be reworked a bit. Gives 3 smokes to every support seems like a lot to be quite honest. Also I really don’t get changing ghost to 2. When this suggestion is to improve base faction not nerf another group?
  4. Custom Usertags could this be added to MRP as well?
  5. DeniedThe addition of mortars is denied. Adding a Base Defender Regiment has been done in the form of MP during peacetime. As for adding people designated to stop base campers that is a faction suggestion not a server one. @Smity_@OzzyLock and Move
  6. Denied When posting please refrain from mega threading a bunch of ideas together. None of the suggestions/ideas will be accepted. @Smity_@Ozzy
  7. Accepted Please note that accepted suggestions will not necessarily be implemented into the server, but rather forked over to the development team for a second opinion, at which point they are free to choose between implementation or not. @Smity_@OzzyLock and Move
  8. Denied At this moment a country switch doesn't seem needed nor does it seem beneficial @Smity_@OzzyLock and Move
  9. Let’s get something clear. Yes high skill players should make ways in clearing out base campers. But if they is 1-5 delta force on. AFG usually has the same or more in Badri numbers and then add 2-6 more vets sitting with sv-98. As time has shown US is new players and AFG/RU holds vets. US will always be out numbered with that number of people with the skill to deal with pixel picking head glitching base camping. I understand base camping means the world to you. But your defense being US is not training new players is just plain stupid. You will never have enough time to try a US player to beat someone with 1000 plus hours. That is unreasonable to even think.
  10. Accepted The damage will be increased to make sure players are killed on contact with the mine @Smity_@OzzyLock and Move
  11. Bowl22


    Denied A good suggestion just will not be used enough to be added. @Smity_@OzzyLock and Move
  12. Accepted We are aware this has been a long standing issue, and several attempts have been made to fix it. We will put this back on Garnets radar. @Ozzy@Smity_Lock and Move
  13. +1 I am rather shocked you did end up applying figured you wouldn’t. That being add me as a reference. You worked hard for Garnet Gaming in the past as a Gm Director and as an Admin. On top of the fact you ran a server with Special. You will do a stellar job.
  14. Thinking about /squad ui

    1. Tuna


      think about an original bit, you will not take this from me

  15. I am looking forward to suggesting some customizable kill cards what pixel size should it be in?
  16. Never forget someone 👀

    loss 🏆❌

    a 13 colonies  lead💭

  17. +1 KMP! KMP is the nicest person I have ever met. He is so nice to everybody and he never says anything mean about anyone. KMP is always so happy and cheerful. He is the happiest person I have ever met.
  18. +1 The reason I decide to take this server serious all that time ago. Seems you found the ability to make time for this server and I think you will in time become a gold standard of what a gm should be.
  19. inf rep glitch not patched still working 2022
  20. 055 ["055brigadebrigadier"] = "Become 055 Brigade : Brigadier [T3].", ["055brigadebrute"] = "Become 055 Brigade : Brute [T2].", ["055brigadehealer"] = "Become 055 Brigade : Healer.", ["055brigadeinsurgent"] = "Become 055 Brigade : Insurgent.", ["055brigadeofficer"] = "Become 055 Brigade : Officer.", ["055brigadepointguard"] = "Become 055 Brigade : Pointguard.", ["055brigadescout"] = "Become 055 Brigade : Scout.", ["055brigadezealot"] = "Become 055 Brigade : Zealot.", AFG Elites ["afghaneliteanarchist"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Anarchist.", ["afghaneliteboss"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Boss.", ["afghanelitebulldozer"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Bulldozer.", ["afghanelitedefender"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Defender.", ["afghaneliteghillie"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Recon.", ["afghanelitegrenadier"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Grenadier.", ["afghanelitemercenary"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Mercenary.", ["afghanelitenavigator"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Navigator.", ["afghaneliteprestige"] = "Become Afghan Elite : Prestige.", ["afghaneliterpg"] = "Become Afghan Elite : RPG.", AFG MP ["afgmpofficer"] = "Become AFGMP : Officer.", ["afgmpsoldier"] = "Become AFGMP : Soldier.", Badri 313 ["badri313commander"] = "Become Badri 313 : Commander.", ["badri313commando"] = "Become Badri 313 : Commando.", ["badri313enforcer"] = "Become Badri 313 : Enforcer.", ["badri313raider"] = "Become Badri 313 : Raider.", ["badri313sentry"] = "Become Badri 313 : Sentry [T2].", ["badri313stalker"] = "Become Badri 313 : Stalker.", ["badri313vandal"] = "Become Badri 313 : Vandal [T3].", ["badri313vanguard"] = "Become Badri 313 : Vanguard.", Delta Force ["deltaforcecombatant"] = "Become US Delta Force : Combatant [T2].", ["deltaforcecommander"] = "Become US Delta Force : Commander.", ["deltaforcedoctor"] = "Become US Delta Force : Doctor.", ["deltaforceinfiltrator"] = "Become US Delta Force : Infiltrator.", ["deltaforcemarauder"] = "Become US Delta Force : Marauder [T3].", ["deltaforcerifleman"] = "Become US Delta Force : Rifleman.", ["deltaforcesniper"] = "Become US Delta Force : Sniper.", ["deltaforcespecialist"] = "Become US Delta Force : Specialist.", Donor Faction ["isiassassin"] = "Become ISI : Assassin.", ["isicommander"] = "Become ISI : Commander.", ["isigarroter"] = "Become ISI : Garroter.", ["isirifleman"] = "Become ISI : Rifleman.", ["islamicforcesrecruit"] = "Become Islamic Forces : Recruit.", ["marsocbattlemedic"] = "Become MARSOC : Battle Medic.", ["marsoccommander"] = "Become MARSOC : Commander.", ["marsocexecutioner"] = "Become MARSOC : Executioner.", ["marsocrifleman"] = "Become MARSOC : Rifleman.", Blood Unit ["redunitassault"] = "Become Red Unit : Assault.", ["redunitbomber"] = "Become Red Unit : Bomber.", ["redunitcombatant"] = "Become Red Unit : Combatant.", ["redunitcommander"] = "Become Red Unit : Commander.", ["redunitfrontier"] = "Become Red Unit : Frontier [T2].", ["redunitinfiltrator"] = "Become Red Unit : Infiltrator [T3].", ["redunitmilitant"] = "Become Red Unit : Militant.", ["redunitwatchman"] = "Become Red Unit : Watchman.", Tailban Army ["talibanarmyarsonist"] = "Become Taliban Army : Arsonist [T2].", ["talibanarmyfighter"] = "Become Taliban Army : Fighter.", ["talibanarmyinsurgent"] = "Become Taliban Army : Insurgent.", ["talibanarmylmg"] = "Become Taliban Army : LMG.", ["talibanarmymachinegunner"] = "Become Taliban Army : Machine Gunner [T1].", ["talibanarmymarksman"] = "Become Taliban Army : Marksman.", ["talibanarmyofficer"] = "Become Taliban Army : Officer.", ["talibanarmyrecruiter"] = "Become Taliban Army : Recruiter.", ["talibanarmysharpshooter"] = "Become Taliban Army : Sharpshooter.", ["talibanarmysupport"] = "Become Taliban Army : Support.", US MP ["usampcofficer"] = "Become USAMPC : Officer.", ["usampcsoldier"] = "Become USAMPC : Soldier.", US Army ["usarmybreacher"] = "Become US Army : Breacher [T1].", ["usarmydemolition"] = "Become US Army : Demolition.", ["usarmydrillinstructor"] = "Become US Army : Drill Instructor.", ["usarmygeneral"] = "Become US Army : General.", ["usarmyinfiltrator"] = "Become US Army : Infiltrator.", ["usarmymarksman"] = "Become US Army : Marksman.", ["usarmyscout"] = "Become US Army : Scout [T2].", ["usarmysniper"] = "Become US Army : Sniper.", ["usarmysoldier"] = "Become US Army : Soldier.", ["usarmysupport"] = "Become US Army : Support.", US Elite ["uselitecachet"] = "Become US Elite : Cachet.", ["useliteghillie"] = "Become US Elite : Ghillie.", ["useliteguardian"] = "Become US Elite : Guardian.", ["uselitejuggernaut"] = "Become US Elite : Juggernaut.", ["uselitekilla"] = "Become US Elite : Killa.", ["uselitenailgunner"] = "Become US Elite : Nailgunner.", ["useliteriot"] = "Become US Elite : Riot.", ["uselitespike"] = "Become US Elite : Spike.", ["uselitevenal"] = "Become US Elite : Venal.", Green Beret ["usgreenberetbreacher"] = "Become US Green Beret : Breacher.", ["usgreenberetcommander"] = "Become US Green Beret : Commander.", ["usgreenberetcommando"] = "Become US Green Beret : Commando [T2].", ["usgreenberetdemolition"] = "Become US Green Beret : Demolition.", ["usgreenberetfieldmedic"] = "Become US Green Beret : Field Medic.", ["usgreenberetguerrilla"] = "Become US Green Beret : Guerrilla [T3].", ["usgreenberetlmg"] = "Become US Green Beret : LMG.", ["usgreenberetrifleman"] = "Become US Green Beret : Rifleman.", 75th Ranger ["usrangercombatmedic"] = "Become US Ranger : Combat Medic [T3].", ["usrangercommander"] = "Become US Ranger : Commander.", ["usrangerengineer"] = "Become US Ranger : Engineer.", ["usrangerfieldmedic"] = "Become US Ranger : Field Medic.", ["usrangerghost"] = "Become US Ranger : Ghost.", ["usrangerinfringer"] = "Become US Ranger : Infringer [T2].", ["usrangermarksman"] = "Become US Ranger : Marksman.", ["usrangerrifleman"] = "Become US Ranger : Rifleman.", Goat ["goat"] = "Become Goat.",
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