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  1. Great to help with testing, I hope this helps the future of MRP and the rest of GG servers.
  2. Is this going to be a donor item or will it be on every class like Salute is? Love the update btw.
  3. Your welcome fr tho, I'm so excited for the quads to be coming back.
  4. Just a question, does US and AFG still have SOC bunks or are we back to having none? Down for having either. Edit: Ozzy answered my question, thanks for the bunks lol.
  5. Hyped for all this to take effect. Everything in this update is perfect, hopefully none of it breaks lol.
  6. Just got a neat clip from the automated event: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/k088lrHdCaJre/d1337P2GGlNt?invite=cr-MSxOSTcsMjg2NDUwMiw Not sure if I came late and finished it off or what. Also this was during war, wonder if that was intended lol. Edit: Was just curious lmao
  7. It may not be a chinook, but damn does it look good lol. Can't wait to see it on the server. As for MP, I have had lots of people asking when and where MP tryouts are gonna happen, glad it finally came. Love the update!
  8. I mean, tickrate hasn't been set yet, gotta wait for reset.
  9. BRO ITS BACK. Anyways, love the update, hopefully people will stop bitching about hitreg and lag
  10. Phys gun and Finger Poser, mainly the DoF and color modifications make it look decent.
  11. Not the best I can do, but @SirSmity keeps bitching at me: MRP Edit: Added more cus bored. haha more screenshots:
  12. Just curious, is the EMB teleporter going to be the same as previous versions? Also, love the snow themed Echo, gonna look sick. Siberia was noted for great looks but semi poor war gameplay, Echo but with snow should have the best of both worlds. Last question, are the mountains blocked off so we can't climb them? that used to be an issue for the people getting basecamped or not being able to get on point.
  13. We appreciate all the work that can be done, I love the new look and layout of what is to become Taiga. My personal choice for a temp map would be Echo, it's forested, had a great layout with many different routes leading to bases and objectives. Plus if we were to have Chaharikar, Taiga would seem as just a "reskin" so most people wouldn't appreciate and see what new additions are in the map. I dunno, maybe I just like echo
  14. Works perfectly fine for me, also love this update. WAC was never used unless AAF/AFSOC was flying around for training or fun, could have been player pop but I felt like I have an increase of FPS compared to before. /Permaweapons works really well for me and so far the rest of GB, the only minor thing is that you have to reopen the menu if you want to turn on something you mistakenly turned off. SND has been a curse for over 2 years now lol.
  15. Love this update, Conquest was really fun to test when released. I personally liked the new UI as it was, but minor changes would have made it even better (larger icons and lastinv), but it's sad to see people being ignorant and rude to Garnet without even testing it or giving it time. Every time someone says shit like that I cringe. Thanks for the update Garnet!
  16. Gonna love playing on the map, but no one is talking about the music in the background, was heat. Can't wait mr nutter.
  17. If shipment is still there, maybe add more hard cover inside and open it up a little bit in the main section. I do agree with Salmons idea, but instead of EMB from Echo, what if it was Company? (Theos has the screenshot in an above post)
  18. plz not another MP5A5 meta. Anyways, nice update lol
  19. Can H.Mods not setjobs anymore? other than that, great update!
  20. I've only met him a few time, few interactions. I regret not talking to him more, RIP my homie Gamma.
  21. big rips man, but hey, atleast the motherboard didn't shit the bed.
  22. Aye, I was waiting for the 2nd test run. Last time I was only on for 15 mins, hope to see more of the map.
  23. I assume those are to be images, awesome update, although is the OBJ status going to stay in the bottom left?
  24. I love the new OBJs and terrain, although not to nitpick, but the COMMS garage door went down instead of up and are the front door controls going to function like before?
  25. Ah, I must have read it wrong, although most ARs do around 30-40 DMG, which I would believe is enough. The low firerate would have to be slightly lower, any lower and it would be like the SKS-D.
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