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MilitaryRP Map Progress [04/02/2022]

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I'm primarily making this post to get you guys' opinions as to what I should change on Echo before re-releasing it until a new (remake) of Taiga is ready to drop.

In the meantime, I had adjusted Echo to fully be a snowy map, and that in itself could be controversial, although I had kept it bright enough to where visibility should not be an issue at all.

Please let me know what you think!






Center Objective



AFG Base



Tunnel Passage



Center Objective


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Just curious, is the EMB teleporter going to be the same as previous versions? Also, love the snow themed Echo, gonna look sick. Siberia was noted for great looks but semi poor war gameplay, Echo but with snow should have the best of both worlds. Last question, are the mountains blocked off so we can't climb them? that used to be an issue for the people getting basecamped or not being able to get on point.

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