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Guest Gildarts

Somone comments a wish.

- I wish I had a new Car

Someone Grants the wish but corrupts it

Granted, But the car has no engine.

Also Add in your own wish after.

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1 hour ago, skrt said:

I wish I wasn't a minority


You are now (not subject to being offended by usage of the n word or any other racial slurs because you are in fact a white person with the greatest amount of rights and liberties) but you are now super depressed and ready to shoot up your local high school to continue the white boy tradition.

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1 hour ago, AparhTurtle said:

Granted, but you only dream about Conway's ass pics all night.

No other Wish? God damn dude.

1 hour ago, Captainswag said:

I wish for a good nights sleep!

Granted, But you sleep so well, you don't hear the Carbon Monoxide Detector going off.

I wish that people knew how this game worked and were able to read.

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