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MilitaryRP Update [05/25/2020]

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  • The Garnut

@AwesomeAidan Looking forward to speaking to you in the morning, some bits of update were left out but completed because I need to talk to you over them. Also, I've added a generic textscreen to the civilian spawn


As well as some freebie answers for people who choose to explore the spawn room



I will soon have to push out a revision of Delta to include a shorter render distance (combat snipers) so I will also get working on a better PROPER spawn room 😛 

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2 hours ago, Garnet said:


While this was a good update overall in my opinion, I have one thing I want to quickly add.  Instead of having, "Utilize the command /quiz for automated whitelisting or alternatively, use F4 menu and pick your desired nation's Recruit class!", I feel that it should be switched around to, "Use the F4 Menu and pick your desired nation's Recruit class, or alternatively utilize the command /quiz for automated whitelisting if there are no trainers!". Or anything along the lines of that, since it might give the impression that you should do /quiz rather than get a manual trainer. 

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  • MilitaryRP Super-Admin
4 hours ago, Garnet said:

Dynamic Damage Mod

Incredibly stoked this was finally accepted as I feel it's truly for the best of the server.

4 hours ago, Garnet said:

Drown Mod

Curious is this is Fier's or another? Regardless another change that I feel is for the best. The river was too often used as a safety blanket and crutch. 

The DEVGRU and PDSS Event classes with O^2 tanks sounds like a phenomenal idea.

Fantastic update that I believe will push our combat to the next level!

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