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StarwarsRP Update [03/22/2022]

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Gonk Ammo Supply

Entity has been recoded for simplicity, removed all errors

The only differences for the end user is as opposed to having to spam E to collect ammo, you will instead just have to Press E once (single use) in order to receive 3 whole clips towards your primary equipped weapon


Lastly, stupid detail, but used crates will be opened before de-spawning


I added the lid falling off, but honestly, what's the point? LOL





When players change jobs, Jetpacks will automatically be taken away from them if joined a class without a jetpack

Jetpacks will no longer be activated by simply jumping, but instead, jumping then holding E.

Fixed error spamming for classes without a spine (IE: Droids) utilizing the jetpack




Media Player

Added additional tracks to the server, including:








Extra functionality added to lightsabers, upon being hit, damaged players are parried and unable to move for a period of 1-2 seconds



All forms have been added onto class





Enabled the ability for SAs to set the skin of LFS vehicles (can also be done through aircraft requisition NPC)





Mail Delivery

2 additional locations added, Training Room #1 and Hall of Fame





Droid Classes

Spawn location set directly outside generator room




Mouse Droid

Given fusion cutters

Significant speed increase over other droid classes




Medical Droid

Given invincible Bacta Injector




Defense Droid

Given light wrist blaster




R2-Unit Droid

Given wrist flamethrower



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Still don’t see “Star Wars - Cantina Theme 10 Hours” but sh_indian_pop_source.lua has caught my eye. 

The parrying update is absolutely HUGE for saber combat and brings a much larger degree of skill into duels. Thank you so much for that and of course the entirety of the update.

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