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Custom Class ( New item)


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Allow CC to pay 5 Credits for radios 
Benefits: More server monetization Allows People to play music in bases

negatives: How can there be its just paying 10 dollars to play music in your base and have to have a CC 

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  • Community Director
9 hours ago, mossly said:

They can always pay a dj for their radio

I think it’d be preferable to make people hire DJs, etc - forces some interaction with other members, or if the slots aren’t full: diversity in class.


But considering custom classes can have up to 5 slots, that’s a lot of radios.

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  • The Garnut
3 hours ago, KingxFinal said:

Only problem is Djs cant base with people and force to have a shack 

Well yes, this is more a roleplay/social server than it is a.. sit in your base and listen to music while printing server.

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  • DarkRP Administration Team


On face value, I think it seems like a cool idea; however in practice you'll likely end up with overlapping music where every man and his dog starts playing their own tunes - hence why the DJ is currently limited to a maximum of 3 at any one time


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  • DarkRP Administration Team

Yeah a couple DJs really close to each other is bad enough on its own, imagine a party using a CC to have more just to make a lot of noise. Just be a regular DJ, man.



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  • DarkRP Management Team

Having the DJ role encourages interaction between players, which is one of the fundamental elements of our server. I see no overwhelming desire from the community to push this idea into reality, so your suggestion has been denied.

Thank you.

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