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  1. Gentlemen, pilot school is going to be active more now. I know you can't wait to see more aircombat!
  2. The scout is kinda terrible not gonna lie. It's ironic is has a player cap, since no one uses it. Genuinely a meme gun. It's reliable in every single other way, aside from the scope. Like it could be a monster, but instead it's kinda just used to pretend your playing medal of honor.
  3. I don't care if we do or don't, I just want clarification instead of coasting on "unwritten rules" we've done that for so long. Vague information can be handled vaguely, clear cut is better.
  4. +1 A lot of the events are tested classics most GMs start with, with a touch of imagination in them. Imagination is a very important skill involving events, if you think outside the box like a couple of the events showed, you'll do good.
  5. Dillan


    What an update, thank you for map progress 5/3/2023
  6. 55th claims CONs permanently, no rangers allowed inside.
  7. ()- let's go back to classic reserves, really go back. Let's allow factions to decide their own standards for reserves, and the rank they wish to cap at reserves. Less overarching, and more autonomy. Worked for years untill changed, and since that change reserves were a pet project of management teams. Constant removal, return, removal, return. Autonomy could breath some life into the reserves programs. This is just an opinion and thinking outside of the box.
  8. +1 on nickels. I think he would pick up on the rp correctly and handle things properly.
  9. In-game name: 055th SGM AdiosSteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:56020398Staff members in-game name: Mr. FonzaStaff members SteamID (/id (name): UnknownDate & Time of incident: 04/12/2023, Approximately 2000 hours. Timezone: ESTWarn Reason: BasecampWhat happened? (include any proof): While engaged at war, an accidental base camp occurred on the current Delta COL, Fonza. This occurred due to map geography making him appear out of base. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1792323238Why should your warn be removed?: I don't blame someone for being upset at an incident like this, however it was just bad luck on how the angle was. I couldn't be sure in the split seconds I took my shots on Fonza to be sure. Accidents do occur, and I feel as though the angle shows that perhaps we need to look at the current base camp ruleset and update them, to cover situations like this.
  10. Dillan

    NPC Buff

    Description: Due to the new use for money, going back to the classic car dealer system, I had a thought. At one point NPCS gave a small amount of cash after each kill. I say we could bring this back for a little bit of money gain. Sure you have other methods, but having a little extra would encourage engagement in PVE situations. No crazy amount of money though. The 10$ was a nice little encourgment. Reasoning: Another little funnel for money, more engagement with PVE events, and more reason for GM's to perform PVE biased events. Additional Information: Unknown
  11. People say the event description is what matters. It doesn't. What does is, will you crash the server, and will people have fun.
  12. Nah they also need reloaded smokes
  13. Wooiooooooooooooo desert babyyyyyyyy
  14. -1 You resigned from admin pretty recently and the main reason was due to the other staff members and overall burnout. Absolutely 0 confirmation it wont happen again and the staff team hasn't changed.
  15. +1 I support Nostalgia Cope. I want to feel 16 again. I deserve dopamine and you are my dealer.
  16. I'm so glad I influenced you on this. Personally don't know why you have Halloween colors. +1
  17. This is a short one, since I'm in the sauna relaxing. As of now the war timer is 30 minutes war. Hour peace time. Back in the day it was a different set up, which was 2 hours peace, 1 hour war. It was changed due to the belief players wanted quick fast adaption and gameplay. My suggestion is not to change it back forcefully, it's to add it to war voting. Perhaps people have a lot of training or tryouts to do, and need time to do it. Perhaps people want to feel war continue for long periods of time. The options could just a be a couple Hour peace, 30 minutes war. 2 hours peace, Hour war. 30 minutes peace, 15 minutes war. Just abbreviations of it. Tldr, when you f3 and click war type, you then have the prompt for lengths.
  18. You know what. I haven't thought about shields that might be a big help with basecamp.
  19. Dillan

    A Dillan take

    Description: I have a wild thought, and I may be phrasing it wrong. However my views may differ from yours. Let's neuter long range Combat. It would be a lot of steps involved, and a little complicated, but would be healthy for rookies to stay in places. War is determined by who has the most long range weapons, to the point where if one side has more long range engagement, they win. This causes rookies to leave over and over. If it's US rookie Tali leave, if it the opposite, army rookies leave. So let's think about just ruining long range Combat for the majority entirely. There are multiple routes you can take. I'm more partial to this one. Complete removal of the majority of snipers. Orsis, gone just gone. Mosin just left. One shot gone, no more sniper donations. Donated sniper classes, here's your shiny new assault rifle, fuck em. Faction snipers? Locked to a solid one person, only one person in the faction. Army? One guy. Rangers? One guy. Isi? One guy. Tali, you guessed it, one guy. Just completely gone. Would be hated by a lot of people. Someone else said this, one faction only has snipers, guess it would be rangers and someone on AFG, don't know who. I don't like it because if one's dead, one's alive bam, back to where we at now. Nerfs and keeps, orsis? Now it is 60 dmg. Only headshots or lit players go down. DMRs? 38 to 41 dmg. Would fuck up a couple things, but wouldn't really deter camping, just make it more annoying. I expect a lot of -1s which is fine, but when I say I'm role-playing rangers by basecamping, or role-playing badri (isi?) There's a reason for that. We all know who the people are. We all do. Mercs outside US base, and rangers and the s3 outside afg base. Enjoy my 15 minute take.
  20. If you resigned from a high rank, and weren't hated, you got reserves every single time. Just look at army, they had a 012 rank for one of them. I know they were a reward, I got them from everyone even if I didn't work that hard. No oversight.
  21. -1 on my beliefs. Reserves is a privlage that was granted years ago to people with merit, time, or connections. Anyone who is or was an officer knows that you need to put in effort typically to earn officer, and at some point real life catches up, or burnout clicks in. Reserves used to be even better for those players, reaching all the way to COL and LTCOL ranks. I was one of the people who had Reserves in more then 3 factions in those days. That's my bias regarding it, the useful aspect is diffrent. It's helpful for 3 reasons, when someone wants to come back in a more useful role, they have instant access, another manpower resource. During war balances, you have access to all your equipment, not just entry level equipment. It draws old blood back on occasion, which is helpful when we want pop to go up. Reynolds you got to keep you Reserves because you deserved them, not everyone does. That's why the staff team and as you said "even GMs" vote on viability regarding them.
  22. I was the person who created a few rules for proxy, mainly being you need to preprox obj, and not just everywhere. I attempted to use preset proxy on an obj, approximately 30 proxy mines. 2 proxy out of 30 got a kill. They are kinda terrible. They require a buff of some kind. Self damage rules, it's RP friendly for AFG to self damage. Gameplay wise it's painful for US, as it's ingrained to push into someone with explosives to kill them. The reason being if you self damage, they can report you. Self damage rules were added to GG due to an update removing self damage, meaning you could not damage yourself if you shot the floor as a makeshift jihad. I've always stood by the belief that if you can damage your HP, self damage doesn't need to be a rule for anyone. NG, or RPG. So I suppose it could be changed. Changed so US can do it too.
  23. In order to follow realism, they should be starved leading to a decrease in their hp.
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