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StarwarsRP Development Progress [Month of January, 2024]

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  • The Garnut


A whole month has passed into 2024, that is insane.

Me and Conway experienced the usual back-and-fourth that a couple would through hardships, with almost daily fights towards the end of January

This resulted in January has been one of the busiest months in terms of new content for StarwarsRP 



Our server gets more content in 1 month than some of these servers do in 1-2 years, but we're still not maxing out at 128 ?? rigged.




Inventory UI Overhaul!

This task almost broke me emotionally, but I managed to do it,


The Inventory UI has been updated from a simple PNG image of a brush, to displaying the actual item skin which you have obtained in your inventory!

This change included heavy optimizations to opening the UI, seeing as you now have to load 50-100 textures 🙂


Scale change made the panels nearly 1:1 in size, taking up 80% of your screen's width to support lower resolutions



Here are a few examples of the new skin display feature at work!










327th Talon Company

The final piece of the puzzle for 327th Star Corps has been added, Talon Company, leading to a complete roster of roles:




Thank you Juno, Fang, BillyBob, and Conway for helping me take a screenshot 😄





Ranking System

MRS has been added onto our server, 


This system can be utilized to quickly and OFFICIALLY promote players within our server between ranks!


The coolest portion of this feature though, is the full implementation onto the 'Inspection Menu' as you can now see players' ranks to the left of their name and certifications 😄













 The Frosty Collection 

In January, I dropped my third collection (and second collection exclusively made by me) - the 2024 Winter Collection; dubbed The Frosty Collection.

To obtain a Frosty Collection crate you will need to fork over roughly 9,000 RC (very affordable - like our previous crate). The recipe consists of the following materials: 2x Wiring, 2x Cooling Coils, and 5x Ball Bearings (thanks Conway -kiss)


This collection has lots of cool snow/winter-themed items, including 3 knitted kamas, and 6 plaid kamas. This crate features a modified rarity; meaning your lowest tiered item from this crate will be an un-common, and your chances of getting higher rarities (Epic/Rare/Legendary) are boosted by 50%!





I have introduced a heat-seeking element to Vehicles and Aircrafts, similarly to the GTA feature where a heat seeking RPG can lock onto a target 😄

This feature took more time and math than is worth mentioning, but it works on the premises that:

when shooting missiles against a locked target, the missile will track it to its last known location with near perfect precision.


This update significantly improves battles between yourself and larger ships such as the munificent, and pretty much all stationary objects.


Clip can be found here:



With all that being said, this change will thankfully does not affect the skill level required for dogfighting, as it is almost useless against moving objects.
I have yet to see another server replicate it like they usually try to follow our footsteps, so that's good 😄






Advanced Targeting Module

The ship is now capable of locking onto other player-controlled ships and entities with greater precision than it does when attacking players, leading to more challenging battles if you are manning a ship against the munificent.



Charged Shots

An RPG-like element was added to the munificent, where there is a small chance for the munificent to hold back on taking any shots back at players or player-controlled LVS aircrafts, in favor of charging up a shot, that carries faster speeds, greater precision, and a larger splash damage radius





Inventory item streaming has been slightly optimized (still todo is the compression of data!)

Bodygrouper has been throttled lightly due to heavy use


Medic auras have been severely optimized, as they only update periodically now, and don't eat up the entirety of your FPS!




Mac's NPCs
This addon has been partially rewritten by me in order to be utilized on our main server more commonly 




Hall of Fame


Added Senior General Missa

Added Lt Colonel Gunny




Jedi Pilot Qualifications

Similarly to Clones, Jedi roles now have their own qualifications when it comes to aircrafts



Including the ability to spawn in and utilize a LAAT/i, LAAT/c, and a W-Wing.




Droid Roles

Playing as a droid will strip you of all items aside from their loadout, disallowing you from using donator weapons OR the inventory system all-together



Shortly implementing the option to play as CIS during downtime and invade base Anaxes 😄




Anti Air Turrets

Re-created and fixed an older addon that's been out of commission for awhile, the anti air turret!




Bugs & Miscellaneous

Corrected issue where players do not gain XP from killing NPCs/Droids


The Jetpack fuel UI has been reimplemented!


Jetpacks has been partially re-written with optimization in mind


Added the ability for player ships to target larger AI ships such as the munificent


Corrected issue where hilts and crystals would not spawn in the crystal caves


Colt and Blitz have the ability to whitelist for all of 7th and 1st Squad


Changed the models of the Kamino&Temple transport NPCs


K-Company Leader, Rampant, CO and XO can now request an IFT-X through requisitions


Corrected XP bar on HUD


7th and 1st Squad Leader roles have been set to a 1 slot limit

Fixed all inconsistencies with Wilderness NPCs not spawning at times


Removed Hilts from Jedi's waists due to an insane usage of FPS, needlessly. Particularly in smaller maps where frames are needed.


Fixed issue where Padawans could not move while swinging their lightsaber


Removed all outdated items out of our workshop collection to free up downloads some!

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15 minutes ago, Nutter said:

Thank you Juno, Fang, BillyBob, and Conway for helping me take a screenshot 😄

Always willing to help when i can!
besides that, Great update! we love to see it!

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Nice, hope you guys continue to improve, i got to see most of these before my leave and well maybe in the future i'll be able to see what's new but whatever it is, i'm sure it'll be amazing and fun, i know personally how much effort, time and work Garnet put in these updates so hope the community keeps supporting the server and continue to grow even more.


P.S: I'm honored to be put in that wall, you guys are amazing ♥ 

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