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CityRP Update [06/21/2022]

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8 hours ago, Jaz- said:

Are we going to be able to apply for staff on here yet? Of course when I pump up my hours on here.

I think Garnet tends to avoid people resigning and fully switching to staff on another server normally.  I’m sure he’ll announce what he’s thinking soon

cool update , hope it stays up.

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41 minutes ago, xFish said:

Thank you @Nutter for fixing the crashing problem i was having ❤️

side note, why were my items from DarkRp available on cityrp? 

No problem, and just a mild overlook. The server has only been up for 20 some hours

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3 hours ago, Wess said:

What all is switching over to city rp? Permas etc?

Nothing carries over from DarkRP. Only donors/level/rank/money progress from the last cityRP iteration (from a year ago) carries over.

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Glad to see garnet's opening up some more servers. Must mean dark rp has been popping off recently😄. Im hoping that this server can come out with a strong administration team to prevent numbers from dropping like last time. Appreciate the dedication as always.

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