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MilitaryRP Update [01/15/2023]

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Inventory System

A massive list of items has been added to the server, implementation will happen this upcoming week 🤠






SIG 552

Added back into the server




Proximity Mine

Re-written base code, will no longer cause any crashing issues





[Postponed until 1/17/2023 or later]

At random intervals outside of war, you may spot a building has a red cross mark located infront of its door along with some radio chatter - that is a 'Stronghold'


It is essentially an AI-controlled building in the map that may be fought over by both countries. Neither countries are allowed to engage in PVP in its vicinity, but directly outside will be allowed.


Defeating these NPCs will earn the victorious party a large amount of supplies that may be used for the inventory system that will be shortly implemented.


Based off of the number of online players, the NPCs may spawn with more HP and become more agile/powerful.




EGM Base

A random idea from @Ozzy

This base includes animations that are found on both DarkRP and MilitaryRP, including "Crossarm" infront and behind your body, Point, Surrender. Etc





Spawn Protection

Anti Spawn-Camping activated during wartime

This is my new, hopefully effective solution against these goddamn spawncampers :^)


At the beginning of war, each country's safezone will be determined, encompassing the base's walls. Leaving said walls will give players a 3 second of invunerability, although, these players may damage others that are outside MEANING, players who are protected by spawn can kill spawncampers. Huge W.

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25 minutes ago, Nutter said:

This base includes animations that are found on both DarkRP and MilitaryRP, including "Crossarm" infront and behind your body, Point, Surrender. Etc

Is this going to be a donor item or will it be on every class like Salute is? Love the update btw.

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