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Torq's Resignation

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1 minute ago, Jbhh said:

Yah, baffling that vaew is not banned. In my last week on the server I was raided by 3 cheaters, its unplayable.

yep the past 3 months every time I have based I was raided by people no clipping into my base and somehow being a lvl 1 with matadors blowing everything up 

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1 minute ago, IAreGunner said:

so your resigning instead of just taking an loa / break?  

also seems like something you notify @Nutterabout if you think the higher ups aren’t doing anything about it.  

why not suggest a anti cheat? 

 yes anti cheat would be cool but didnt they add one to milrp and it started banning people for no reason 

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31 minutes ago, computer said:

hope to see you back soon

and I completely agree, garnet is falling apart bro



I no longer hope to see you back soon, suck my balls torq

it had to be done 

11 minutes ago, computer said:

my god torq, what is happening ingame

i massed and banned all the feds 

@Chicaa21no need to react the deed has been done

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  • The Garnut

You're actually permanently banned from the community for staff abuse and MRDM.

You had initially claimed you did this all for @stretchy - who by the way, as far as I'm aware is not mad at the community or has any bad blood with me, he simply got busy IRL (which made you upset enough to mass???) and now it's due to an anti-cheat? you just make no sense.

Regardless, GMod has no anti-cheat, so get lost lol.

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1 hour ago, Torq said:


DarkRP Staff didn't ban a clip of someone no-clipping (which could be staff abuse, like what you just did), in a clip that has no identifiable information (No SteamID (/id), No Stean PFP, Tab Menu, Voice Chat, Nothing concrete beyond /name (which anyone can do)). ANARCHY!!! 

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