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StarwarsRP Update [04/07/2022]

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Voice Chat

Unique effects added

For the sake of immersion, I have purchased an addon from a reputable creator which would essentially compress and add effects to players as they're using 'X' to chat on the server. This effect will give players the signature "Stormtrooper" sound from the shows, as opposed to crisp and clean voice. This system is currently being tested strictly on 501st (sorry) to see if it is something we would like to keep on the server!

If we decided to keep this system, I could possibly integrate bodygroups, to where when you take off your playermodel's helmet, your speech returns to normal!


To reiterate,  clone troopers with a model containing a helmet will have a masked-speech,

Masked classes such as Red Guard will have a "Muffled" sound effect added onto their speech,

Unique classes such as Clan Varada will have a slightly robotic-masked speech (redacted mode xd)

Event classes such as General Grievous will have a disturbing sound effect added onto their voice




Coruscant Guard

General Updates & Fixes


Group 'U' Chat


added `Coruscant Guard : Sergeant ` & `Coruscant Guard : Red Guard` & `Coruscant Guard : Warden` & `Coruscant Guard : Executive Officer` to Coruscant Guard U radio




Given `Coruscant Guard : Officer` access to whitelist for `Coruscant Guard: Sergeant` & `Coruscant Guard : Red Guard` & `Coruscant Guard : Warden`

Given `Coruscant Guard : Warden` access to whitelist for `Coruscant Guard: Sergeant` & `Coruscant Guard : Riot` & `Coruscant Guard : Trooper`

Given `Coruscant Investigative : Leader` access to whitelist for `Coruscant Guard: Sentry`

Fixed issue with anybody being able to access Coruscant Guard : Guard, Executive Officer, and Commanding Officer


F4 Menu


Moved Coruscant Guard : Officer into the Coruscant Guard | Command category




Assigned Coruscant Guard : Commanding Officer the 'Blue' keycard

Assigned Coruscant Guard : Executive Officer the 'Green' keycard

Assigned Coruscant Guard : Warden the 'Green' keycard




Additional Playermodel has been added for Coruscant Guard : Officer

Red Guard's Model




Republic Navy

Introduced FEMALES


Enjoy simps!

Effective reminder that ERPing will result in a permanent, unappealable ban from our community 😉









Updated to also check a player for an EOD Certification





Updated Green Company's Medical Model

Added Ranger Platoon's Medical Model (previously Green Company's model)


GM Commands


Set Health - Set Job - Set Event Health

These commands will only print into Staff Chat as to prevent foreshadowing an upcoming event




Fortification Tool

Trying out a new base





As suggested by @special, i've replaced the generic Alydus Fortification Tablet with a lesser known one.

The reason for doing this is Alydus' tool is written super poorly, and the one suggested by Special may end up being a more optimized version, better suited for our needs!

... either that or the server will crash 15 times today until I remove it


Prop Health


This new fortification tablet will create entities that actually have a health value to them - be prepared to have to rebuild and optimize your fort, as it will degrade when shot at




Quest System

Added back after some heavy optimizations

@Bizzy said he was up for the task of creating us a quest system in-case MQS still causes lag and other issues!




Added capabilities to create a subdivision of 'Gamemaster' who can create events and have them be reviewed by Super Admins/Managers before implementation




Must be entirely replaced by @Ziggy or @special later today, as of right now, the system is on the server but in hibernation as there's no way to start a quest until NPCs are created.


Inventory Support


Quests can be completed in order to give out Inventory items/materials

I have decided I will push for the GM team to create different storyline paths for Jedis, each providing a different hilt once completed!

Expect a dreadful 10 hours of farming quests.






Inventory System

Some updates!




Key to re-open the menu has been rebinded to 'i' - if you have got any binds utilizing the key, please re-bind them

F2 was causing issues for some players apparently, particularly to MacOS users - I know function keys may break in-game





General changes & Additions





Vibroblade was assigned to Republic Command : Advisor

Vibroblade was assigned to Clan Varada : Leader & Protector


Core System - Executions


Removed executions mounting folder (wos > advswl > execsys) as to remove executions. We will not use executions, ever, seeing as our playerbase has grown way past using a feature intended for small scale servers - executions look cool, but are mostly pointless and can cause severe lag under high server load.

Directory of my folder removed is above incase anything/dependencies fuck up, I have a reference to what I did in the future

Also removed from advswl > loader > loader inclusion of executions




Player Animations

After 2 days of downtime, all sweps have been fixed - my apologies but @Bizzy tried optimizing the way they work, so far unsuccessful, but either he or I will figure it out soon (they're very FPS intensive)



Mechanical Droids

Added C3PO as a playable class


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8 minutes ago, Nutter said:

add effects to players as they're using 'X' to chat on the server.

Will this only work if the PTT is "X" or will any button work, I use the thumb button on my mouse. Just wondering so I can rebind.

nvm ozzy answered

cool asf idea tho

Edited by Tuna
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1 minute ago, Tuna said:

Will this only work if the PTT is "X" or will any button work, I use the thumb button on my mouse. Just wondering so I can rebind.

All binds will work, as long as you're transmitting audio to other players, your voice will be modified!

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2 minutes ago, Jeffory said:

People can't understand me 😞

I have 0 access to the actual voice effects unfortunately, so I simply switched them out to different effects in order to see if it works better! the server was just restarted.

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