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DarkRP Update [08/31/2023]

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  • The Garnut


Server Optimizations

Huge optimization patch pushed through

Server's tickrate has been significantly raised for better movement and shot accuracy


Voice communications may be slightly compromised, if it is, it will be fixed immediately after!






/freerpname - this command once again works, by resetting the previous nameholder's username to "GUEST"




DJ Radio

Yes, after years of anticipation of a return, this is finally (POTENTIALLY) happening. Don't get your hopes up too high, because anything can go wrong at this stage 😞



At this point in time, the radio can be used by the DJ class in order to play music through the Soundcloud APIs, which requires players to be utilizing the chromium 64x branch of Garry's mod 🙂 (which they should already be doing for the cinema)




Miscellaneous & Bugs

Players can now physgun their own meth stoves, crack stoves, and weed pots for ease of placement

Removed ... profanity ...... uh from the /warn command (leftover from 2016)





Pollution in Downtown is at an all-time-high, as a result, the Garbageman class has been added!

While players are utilizing the garbageman job, litter will spawn across the map, allowing for Garbagemen to search around for it



Trashbag entities can be purchased in order to store away all the trash



You accomplish this by simply grav gunning your trashbag right over the trash



Once your trash bag is full, simply bring it to a nearby dumpster (the same one Hobos are notorious for diving into) and receive your reward!





PS. this is a fantastic way to gain alot of XP for new players!





Optional Content


Being that our server has always been known for having very little to no downloads (300MB) I have felt a bit uncomfortable with the recent inclusion of new content that resulted in longer download times, as a result, optional game content (IE: explosives and the casino) have been taken out of our content pack, and offered as an optional package to subscribe to once a player has connect to the server. Playing without this content will not interfere with gameplay, unless you explicitly visit the casino. When it comes to explosives, no new players should have hold of explosives 🙂 as such they should not stumble across too many errors.



here from yours truly, a moderator of our servers 🙂 appreciation for my hard work!


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  • The Garnut
On 8/31/2023 at 2:17 AM, thenotsofriendlydragon said:

lmao plungy lol

ill hop on for a bit and test epic gamer update ig

i cant even use the stupid ass radio since "it will crash server" massive L ngl lmk when its fix


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