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Tdizz - DarkRP Resignation

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Honestly the last 3-ish weeks of playing the server opened my eyes to the lack of leaders the server has. To almost being banned/demoted once to actually being banned for a month (unbanned by the man himself) Its safe to say I'm no longer needed in the staffing realm. I've been playing this server for years now and weird enough I've only been punished towards the time of being an established community member 🤔 While it has been fun for the most part I'm making this post mostly to wish the very best to Cyber Sword and @Nutter of course, to hopefully repair the server that is clearly a hurting population for the "veteran" players and staff. I was planning on making this post after getting unbanned last week but It was halloweekend so I wanted to enjoy myself. A few shoutouts from my last couple months on the server 🙂


@Jbhh The actual homie on here, unfortunate enough we had to endure the same shit together 😭 Still standing thoo

@Torq Also the homie, if you decide to stay and staff i wish you good luck my friend. Been fun basing with you.

@Vortex Been fun basing with you also, biggest collector on da server fosho

@jittalooginluh you slime

@ajbedheadhopefully all is goin well with you, always fun chillin and farmin with you 

@IAreGunnertry not to get another forum warn, and also dont simp for girls that dont know you 😭❤️

@Korn good luck with managing dawg

@jewish luh you gangy

@Ghostieeestill not manager somehow 😞 


If i missed you at all mb, its been fun farmin and playin with lots of  yall. 

And to any staff or players that i pissed off  I apologize...

for nothing


Luh yall boys - Tdizz out ✌️

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