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Community-Wide Management/Executive Roster, Spring 2024

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Community-Wide Management/Executive Roster, Spring 2024


Good Evening Garnet Gamers, 

This roster is a bit early, but I wanted to showcase before the main promos come out, that the individuals listed here have gone above and beyond in their positions and are worthy of special recognition (a few days early).


Server Directors

@Harus > StarWarsRP Director

Continually over the past 5 months as StarWarsRP Manager, Harus has been an integral part of the StarWarsRP Executive Team and taking charge of the community to ensure its successful growth. Harus has redefined what it means to be a good staff member, never afraid to support his staff team or support other staff teams beyond his own. Harus is known by every player on the StarWarsRP community, and regarded as a stable leader for the community, which is previously did not have. For all his hard work, dedication, and sound counsel - I'm pleased to make him the next StarWarsRP Director. (Keep an eye out as you will see this name in the coming months, as he shows no signs of stopping or slowing down!)


@Merk > DarkRP Director

Merk picked up DarkRP in a very tumultuous time, but never let it phase him. Over the past several months, Merk has been increasingly more dedicated to the DarkRP community. Merk constantly displays immense fairness, stable leadership, and a unique impartial leadership viewpoint which DarkRP unfortunately has never gotten the chance to experience before him. Recently, Merk has successfully rebuilt a majority of the DarkRP Administration Team by restructuring it from a prior top-heavy, isolated, disaster state, to a more even/fair, multi-contributor team. For these reasons, the next Director of our DarkRP Server, was a clear and easy choice.


Managers/Lead Admins
@Quads > StarWarsRP Manager

Quads has been another large voice of reason within the GarnetGaming Community, both his home server and beyond; routinely he is always available to assist in any way he can. Within the StarWarsRP community specifically, he heavily focuses on bettering our playerbase and their overall experiences. 'Unfortunately', most of what Quads does is widespread and common knowledge within the StarWarsRP community, so I find myself at a loss for words beyond: "Congratulations!"


@Failed401 > StarWarsRP Lead Administrator

Phil/Failed has been a rising star within the StarWarsRP community; coming from the Gamemaster Team, where he took immense care and dedication to the server, he's progressed and grinded his way up the Administration ranks. Phil continues day in and day out to provide assistance to new staff, gamemasters, command, and new players in general. Similar to the previous names, Phil is far from done within the community, so you can expect to see his name some time soon.


@Theos > StarWarsRP Lead Administrator

Theos is no stranger to being an executive within Garnet, so when it came time for Harus to select some Lead Administrators to help them run the StarWarsRP Administration Team, this was a natural frontrunner. Theos not only brings previous experience to the table, but a skill to speak one on one to the playerbase to continually grab feedback to improve the community.


Thank you to all of you, who continue to support your servers and their respective communities! @Nutter and I so gratefully appreciate everything you do!

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  • StarWarsRP Management Team

Congratulations to all who deserved these ranks, and we thank you all for everything you've done!


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  • Forums Moderator

Congratulations to all! I think Conway summarised this beautifully, we have a truly superb team and it's awesome to see these good people rewarded for their work and dedication. Cheers guys 🥂

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  • DarkRP Management Team

Congratulations! @Harus @Quads have been my role models since I became a Manager, happy to see you guys ascending to new heights, and I know you will go even higher from here. Congrats to the other two executives for SWRP as well, I haven't gotten to meet you guys officially yet but I look forward to seeing what you do in your new roles.

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Often disagree with the way certain things are handled in certain aspects here, but merk has been doing a great job communicating and working with the server as a whole. Definite improvement over someone who didn't have time for reg users. Actually been a lot more active since hes been managing. Server director is an obvious choice. Glhf mate.

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