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I'm gonna use this thread to post progress on things made for the server since forums were reset and my old thread is gone ?

Starting off with missions: ?

32 years later, 2 large files being lost later, and lots of life issues later, the mission system is finally complete ?

The missions system will be used as a way to make money and a way to pass time in between wars.

Menu to initialize a mission:



Actual mission menu (invite, kick, start mission, cancel mission, etc):



Warning before mission starts:



Kidnap mission target, which can be seen through walls to make easier for both sides:



Here's a quick demonstration video wit some fuckin dank ass editing:


holy shit the video quality is so trash.

and yes, this will be modified to work with DarkRP in the future hopefully.

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6 minutes ago, Alex Conway said:

Good shit! Looks nice!!

Perhaps it could work with a ranking system?!?!

Thanks ?

And yes, there's already a set required rank to start a mission. But any rank can be invited to a mission. Future mission types are going to be more high-level so they're going to require a higher rank maybe. We'll see ?

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1 hour ago, .br0ken said:

This is for DRP u big dummy


2 hours ago, KREEZY - bizzy said:

The missions system will be used as a way to make money and a way to pass time in between wars

It's for MRP, with the possibility of being added to DRP.

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On 5/31/2018 at 2:39 AM, Bizzy said:

Thats one mission

Working on a couple more (raids, intel gathering, high ranked player assassination, etc...)

Bizzy this could make me refreshed again on darkrp if added like getting paid to raid or kill someone is one of my professions 

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