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DarkRP Update [11/02/2022]

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Major W update. Glad you fixed the annoying bug where I can't lockpick myself out when I'm like DJ or something. Also nice HUD update. Even if some people don't see a difference, I looked closely and admire the differences.

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Thank you for being honest about those issues. 

but damn garnet this update is huge. 

13 minutes ago, Nutter said:

Players who "smuggle" a knife to jail can use it to lockpick PD doors regardless of their job

I thought this was on purpose lmao



Color coating the F4 menu. Man out here thinking of everything. 10/10

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Awesome update! 😁 It’s great that you’ve managed to rebuild a lot of the systems to be super optimised, and make things look really good too in the process. Well done to you and Proggy for finding the exploiter and good news about the Super-Duper fix. Can’t wait to see how Bizzy does with the new Party System, that would be amazing to have everything re-done for sure! Can’t wait to get back on and check it all out 👍

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This update is so refreshing and I’m very happy with the results. You said you 

8 hours ago, Nutter said:

have improved with my lua skills quite a bit

Which is awesome to hear for the future projects and updates you have to offer the community. A1 👌

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9 hours ago, Nutter said:

I have modified Advanced Dupe to skip items that cannot be pasted, removing the necessity to go to single player and modify your dupe to be used on the server 🙂



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